Black Panther (Character)

T'challa The King of the Dead
T’challa The King of the Dead

Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

1st appearance: Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966)

Notes: T’challa is the 1st black superhero in history as well as the first African superhero.

Nationality: Wakandan

Alias: King T’Challa, King of Wakanda, The Client, His Majesty, Black Leopard, Ukatana, Lucas “Luke” Charles, Coal Tiger, Nubian Prince, The Panther of Wakanda, The Man Without Fear, Mr. Okonkwo, King of the Dead

Team Affiliations: Avengers

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as a head of state

Weight: 185 lbs    Height: 6’

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Relatives:Bashenga (ancestor),Chanda (Ancestor), Azzari the Wise (GrandFather),  S’yan (Uncle),  T’chaka (father, deceased), Ramonda (step mother),   Shuri (1/2 sister), White Wolf (adopted brother), Jakara  (1/2 brother, deceased),  Storm (Ex-Wife),  T’shan (Cousin).

Alternate reality offspring: T’chana, Panther/T’chaka, T’charra, Twari, T’chaka, unnamed son and Azari (Sons),  Sh’ri, Sky Panther, Faida, the Unnamed twins (daughters)

Skills and abilities: Accomplished gymnast and acrobat, master of various African martial arts and a world-class fighter. He is an Olympic level athlete in every known field, thus a peak human. Also an expert tracker. T’challa is also one of the ten smartest men in marvel comics and has a genius intellect. He’s also a master strategist and leader.

Powers: When using the heart-shaped herb all his abilities are enhanced to superhuman levels, though he has to ingest the herb every year to maintain this. With the herb his eyes take on a feline appearance and he has a psionic connection to the Panther god Bast.

Technology: Bulletproof Vibranium weave suit. impact-and sound-absorbing Vibranium soled shoes allowing him to walk up walls and leap and land great distances. Retractable Vibranium claws with anti metal vibranium properties allowing him to cut through all other known metals including adamantium. Also energy daggers.


Early Life

The Black Panther is descended from a long line of same named warriors who have led Wakanda a technologically advanced African state with a monarchy as older than recorded time. T’challa was born to king T’chaka and his wife N’yami after years of trying to have a child of their own and adopting the orphan Hunter. His mother died in childbirth and his father married his second wife Ramonda. She grew T’challa as though he was her own and soon gave birth to his sister Shuri. As a young boy T’challa witnessed his father assassinated by Ulysses Klaw. Since he was not old enough to assume the throne his uncle S’yan ruled in his stead. A rivalry between himself and his cousin T’shan over who would rule  next also developed.

As he came of age and went on his ‘walkabout” he met and fell in love with future X-men leader and goddess Storm who was at the time a thief. They also shared their first intimate experience together. Duty however caused him to leave her side and return to Wakanda. Knowing his people were highly Xenophobic and suspicious of outsiders he chose to study in a foreign land to teach them trust and tolerance. While in America accompanied by bodyguard Zuri he had many relationships most notably and long-lasting however was with singer Monica Lynne.

Life as King

When he returned to Wakanda at the end of his studies he challenged his uncle S’yan for leadership and won. Thus he became the Black Panther and set out to fix various problems he saw with his society. He immediately disbanded the Hatut Zeraze and exiled its leader Hunter and all his men. T’challa also expanded the ranks of the Dora Milaje to ensure peace between rival tribes. He arranged for younger wakandan scholars to go to other countries to study and learn in hopes of minimizing Xenophobia.

T’challa battled and defeated the Fantastic four infiltrates the Avengers to assess their threat level faced usurper Eric Killmonger and his band of rebels ;including Malice, Sombre, Madame Slay, Lord Karnaj, Salamander Krule, Baron Macabre; the Ku Klux Klan and apartheid in Africa. He also fights off the Man-Ape and 1/2 brother Jakarra who tried to supplant him as leader and a later assassination attempt by Soloman Prey. T’challa also funded the super team Fantastic Force which housed fellow Wakandan Vibraxis. When he returns to America to solve a murder he befriends agent Everette Ross, fights off another attempted coup by Achebe and Killmonger before handing over ruling of the country to the council and setting up Kasper Cole as his agent in the Americas.

Marriage and Fall from grace

Returning home again he rekindled his love with Storm and eventually they wed as civil war rages in America. Together they lead the Fantastic Four among other things and dealing with an increasingly Xenophobic Wakandan population. He is severely injured by Dr. Doom and was succeeded by his sister Shuri who became the newest Black Panther. He is only able to escape death when his wife risks her own life to rescue him from oblivion.Together they battled Dr. Doom who threatened the world by stealing their nations Vibranium. In the aftermath of that battle Wakanda is left bereft of it’s highly advanced technology built by Vibranium. T’challa is no longer the Black Panther and he has decided to leave his nation to “test” himself in Daredevil’s former stomping grounds in Hell’s Kitchen. After months in America as a vigilante he faces off and defeats Kingpin who tried to usurp Wakandan lands with the help of the hand. He returns to Wakanda while receiving marriage counseling with Storm who had joined the Avengers.

In the Necropolis, the Wakandan city of the dead he is granted great power and knowledge by Bast the Panther God who has him abdicate his throne to become the Black Panther, King of the dead while his sister becomes Queen of Wakanda.

During Avengers vs X-men he sided with the Avengers while she sided with the X-men putting them in direct conflict. When her ally Namor flooded the Wakandan capital she was branded a traitor and criminal and their marriage annulled. Still in love but now apart they have both vowed to remain friends but move on with their lives. T’challa later reforms the Illuminati along with Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Beast, Mr. Fantastic and Namor, Wakandan public enemy number one. Despite this alliance he plans to kill Namor after they manage to save existence.


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