New Avengers (2013) #11 Review

New Avengers (2013) #11 Review
New Avengers (2013) #11 Review


The Illuminati travel to another Earth during an incursion.

Thanos in Necropolis.

The Builders on Earth.


The Good

Cover- Hue is green this month as the Infinity books continue to ramp things up!  A planet is almost crashing into our six heroes clearly in an incursion event. I like it!

Action– Glorious battle between Proxima Midnight and Shuri was just what I’ve been waiting for. I wish it was longer, surely but it was deeply satisfying. Every time Proxima took aim with her spear my heart raced.. Wakanda and especially Black Panther fans can’t deal with any major loss after Doomwar, death of S’yan, AVX, the annulment of Storm and T’challa’s marriage etc. Hickman you cur! Like the Black eyed Peas would say “don’t phunk with my heart”.  

Story– Maximus and Lockjaw watch as the Inhuman floating city is destroyed, detonating the terrigen bomb. Elsewhere the illuminati witness another incursion event and came face to face with other world builders. Shuri and the Hatut Zeraze are forced to retreat before Proxima Midnight. Proxima has the alien forces head to the Necropolis where they hope to find the Infinity gem. At the location they discover the antimatter bombs and the Illuminati prisoners. In the Incursion world the builders free Dr. Strange of the mind control. The builders’ then state what was already obvious to save existence all earths across the multiverse should be destroyed.

Art– Mike Deodato’s art is still detailed and top notch.

Black HeroesBlack Panther/Tchalla is here front and center with the illuminati. Shuri/Black Panther also shows up to defend Wakanda from the invading alien forces alongside the Hatut Zeraze.




The Bad

I honestly think it’s time for the other shoe to drop. What is Thanos grand plan outside of finding and killing his son? Why search for the infinity gem? We’re past the half way mark and I’m still waiting for the next big reveal to carry us into the conclusion or into the next phase of things.



The Ugly

Infinity continues to be well written, well drawn and all around fun. Some may be shocked by the ending and the “amazing idea” presented there but if you’ve been reading New Avengers 2013 and Avengers 2013 it’s neither new nor amazing. This issue was still pretty strong but not for the reasons most reviewers think 4/5

stars- 4


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