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It’s all come down to this! The final battle — as the world burns! Will there be any victors in the war between Avengers and X-Men?



The avengers fight Dark Cyclophoenix to no avail. Scarlet Witch and Hope are sent in to tag team him. They manage to defeat Cyclops and free the Phoenix from his grasp. It bonds to Hope who puts an end to all the chaos that Scott caused. Scarlet witch convinces Hope to relinquish hr hold on the Phoenix and she does. This results in the X-factor gene reappearing in the human genome, mutants are back and manifesting everywhere.

After the ordeal Cyclops is taken into custody and the rest of the Phoenix are wanted criminals. Scarlet Witch shows Hawkeye the schematics for the Uncanny Avengers team.

Utopia is cordoned off by SHEILD, Hope flies off.

The Good

Cover- I really dig this finale cover allot. It appears that Hope and Wanda are powering Iron Man’s armor. This doesn’t happen in the story however like just about every other cover for this series.

Art- I also liked the art courtesy of Adam Kubert.

Cyclops was Right- So after all the bitching and whining the Avengers and in particular Captain America has spouted Cyclops was right! Lol Aint that a tragic hoot!

Marvel Next-This is the “game changer” that marvel has touted let’s see how this pans out for the underused unappreciated black at marvel comics.

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Let me be the very first to say that Captain Americas reaction to the entire situation. Lets first look back at HOM where the chick he was f***ing, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch killed millions with her little mad tiff of “no more mutants”. The Avengers knowing full well she was a threat did not imprison or kill her despite being a damn ticking time bomb! She gets forgiveness while the Phoenix 5 get hunted and persecuted? So wait a minute? Is Captain America letting her runaround free because he tapped that ass? Because man that would be downright wicked to poor ole Scott…he’s a straight man! So he’ll be locked away for a long time! lol

On another note, did Magneto not aid them in the battle against the Phoenix? I distinctly remember him sending out a distress call from Utopia in Avengers vs X-men # 10 and fighting alongside the avengers in Avengers Vs X-men #11? Magneto turns out you were right as well, they will NEVER accept you! lol

Logan and Steve-After their very heated disagreement in Avengers vs X-men #3 things just return to normal? So Logan clearly dismisses Cap’s orders and gets rewarded by being put on the Uncanny Avengers team? Did they kiss and make up? So it would seem….

Length- looking back on this series I’m still unconvinced that we needed twelve issues dedicated to simply having some new mutants. The Juice just doesn’t add up to the effort of the squeeze.

Underwhelmed– I’ve been trying my hardest to write this review all week but was too underwhelmed by this issue that it’s been a chore. This series has failed on so many levels for me. The death last issue was yawn inducing, the connection of the Phoenix to the Kun Lun mythology was glossed over, Hope becoming “the white phoenix” all but confirms she’s Jean Grey reborn since it’s already established there can only be one White Phoenix in existence (See Grant Morisson’s New X-men run for details)

Fear- This entire series and the deaths that occur are all because of the fear Captain America and his merry band of do-gooders had of the phoenix and their mistrust of the X-men. This issue Hope gets the powers and does exactly what she was destined to do, the thing she would have done long ago without casualties had the Avengers just backed the **** off! Sure the Phoenix five and Cyclops as dark phoenix committed crimes but none of that would have happened if the avengers had just let mutant affairs be dealt with by mutants! They know piss about the phoenix and yet they came to the x-men’s home to tell them to hand over their messiah, setting of a series of events that destroyed the X-men, Utopia, killed an unknown number of people etc. Great job Captain America!

Hope Summers– Her training under Spider-man, iron fist etc had no bearing on what she did with the Phoenix. Sure the training helped her fight Cyclophoenix but would that have been necessary if the Avengers had just kept their noses as they usually do out of mutant affairs? (Shakes head)

Captain America- Marvel’s perfect Aryan soldier behaves in such a dumb holier than though attitude that I had to check his chest and head for a swastika!

The mysterious vanishing X-men- So last issue Emma was on the floor, Xavier’s dead body was also strewn about, this issue they disappear off the field of battle with no explanation.

Black heroes– Am I the only one disappointed their was no mention of Bishop anywhere in this thing? Storm, Luke Cage and Black Panther served no purpose in this issue besides adding color to the otherwise all white tapestry.

The Ugly

I can honestly say this issue was underwhelming for me but it did deliver great art and finality to this whole web of drama from HOM in 2005. I also get why this issue will be a hot topic for debate for quite awhile too since the Avengers apparently “win” the war but only after they started the war in the first place and Cyclops and his X-men were right all along. If the Avengers had left well enough alone this entire series of events could have been avoided. Overall this issue on its own was barely average 2.5/5

stars- 2.5


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