Man Ape (Character)

Man Ape- M’Baku

Created by:  Roy Thomas and John Buscema

1st appearance: The Avengers #62, 1962

Real Name: M’Baku

Nationality: Wakandan

Team Affiliations: Lethal Legion twice and The Masters of Evil

Legal Status: Leader of the white gorilla cult, wanted criminal in Wakanda

Height: 7’0″              Weight: 355 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Brown

Known Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled strategist and leader.

Powers: He is the most skilled warrior in his tribe, the white Gorillas. After killing the sacred white gorilla he gained enhanced strength, agility, durability, senses and Stamina. His strength is beyond that of the Black Panther.

Notes: He died in Black Panther Vol.4 #4



M’baku was a large and powerful man growing up in wakanda. After the death of king T’chaka he became known as one of the greatest warriors in wakanda. After T’challa rose to power they became friends. Unknown to T’challa M’Baku was a secret worshiper of the outlawed white gorilla cult. When T’challa joined the avengers, he was left in charge of Wakanda’s security. In the absence of his king M’baku plotted to overthrow him and revived the white gorilla cult by slaying and eating the flesh of a sacred white gorilla. When the Black Panther returned they clashed over his right to rule and he was presumed dead in the wake of that battle. He then joined the lethal legion and attacked the Panther in America, even capturing his then girlfriend Monica Lynne. Everything went according to plan until the avengers intervened saving the panther and driving M’Baku back once more.

When T’challa returned to wakanda he branded M’baku an outlaw who if sighted was to be killed. Unable to return to his home he wandered the less technologically advanced recesses of wakanda where his white gorilla tribe grew. The occasional mercenary job kept his finances up. He even joined the new lethal legion under the grim reaper but defected when the reaper’s racism was revealed. After returning to Wakanda, M’baku’s white gorilla tribe had grown in such numbers that they were a threat to the ruling Black Panther cult. In a bid to spare bloodshed by both their people the white gorilla tribe was given their own village by the Black Panther who signed a peace treaty with them. M’baku later was instrumental in locating an alternate version of the Black Panther along with Nightshade while his cousin Queen Divine Justice was partnered with T’challa. He then joined the masters of evil and clashed with the thunderbolts. When T’challa and Storm got married he was infuriated that he was not invited but when he realized his invitation had just gotten lost he got drunk instead of making a scene. When T’challa was mortally wounded by Dr. Doom him and his people celebrated as they panned to use this time to attack the wakandan capital. Alas Morlun the devourer of totems was unleashed and he cut a swath of death through the white gorilla ranks. When M’baku confronted him he was sucked dry of his powers and left a smoldering pile of ash.


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