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New Avengers (2013) #5 Review

New Avengers #5 (2)“BLACK SWAN”

Learn the history of the enigmatic Black Swan.

What answers can she provide the Illuminati?

And watch as the New Avengers do the unthinkable!

The Good

Art-Steve Epting is on art duty and it all looks mighty fine. Every Page, every Panel is simply gorgeous. The colors in addition to the use of shadows really enhanced the package significantly!

Alternate Cover- While the standard looked lazy, the alternate which featured the whole team floating through the either between worlds looked pretty good, though it featured the newly mutated Beast while the interiors didn’t.

Origin- Not the greatest origin story ever told but it does give us a peek behind the veil of who/what the Black swan is and hints at her greater purpose.

Interesting- Beast must be having the worst year ever when he realizes that throughout a great many alternate worlds he’s a much worse mass murdering monster than Cyclops and he’s now been put in a position very similar to Scott by joining this team. All New X-men by Bendis really should deal with this eerie similarity when writing the character,

Black HeroT’challa the King of the dead is here and his new tech toys of cloaking, short range teleportation and that detonating necklace gets shown off. The Black swan acknowledges him as the greatest warrior of the bunch and we realize that Necropolis, the Wakandan city of the dead will serve as prison for a quite a few if not all foes that they manage to secure.

Potential- I’m hopeful for next issue since our heroes will journey to Latveria home of Dr. Doom who shares colorful history with Namor, T’challa and Reed Richards. Doom and Reed are lifelong nemesis while he ravaged Black Panther’s country, stole their treasure, killed his uncle, manhandled his ex-wife (Storm), captured his mother (Ramonda) (Detailed in Doomwar) and lead him to death’s door (See Black Panther [2009 #2 for details)

Action- The flashback fight of what went down between the New Illuminati and Terrax was very enjoyable especially without the clutter of any text whatsoever. It was like watching a movie, the silence added to how dramatic everything seemed.

The Bad

Cover- This month we get a very lazy mostly white cover with the black swan standing in the center while a bunch of cut and pasted New Avengers logos. No, this is not the best cover for this series or on the stands.

Impact- While I am enjoying this series I keep wishing we could see what’s happening in the wider Wakanda, more interaction between the new Illuminati and particularly  I want Black Panther to go bat$hit all up and down Namor’s @$$.

The Ugly

Overall I would say this issue wasn’t the best but certainly isn’t the worst thing out from Marvel 3/5

stars- 3

New Avengers (2013) #3 Review

New Avengers 2013 #3

New Avengers 2013 #3


The Illuminati experience their first incursion since reforming.

 Can the loose brotherhood of end times trust each other enough to use the Infinity Gems in unison?

And a new member joins the Illuminati!

The Good

Cover- I like the standard cover where Captain Americas shield is lying on the floor, very symbolic!

Crisis- Creation is ending and our heroes manage to end the threat for the time being and may have created other problems for earth but hey, we’re safe for the time being.

Bye bye Capt- Sue me and call me a prick but I loved how Dr. Strange just layed out Steve Rogers with a simple gesture. That pompous a$$ wipe has needed a good kick in the gonads since AVX began. Sure it wasn’t a heroic move but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love it!

WTF- So Hickman plays his hand and what a hand it is, the destruction of the infinity gems? We already know it won’t last but it was a cool moment nonetheless.

The Bad

Exposition-I’m loving this certainly but New Avengers (2013) Is much too heavy on the exposition to be accessible to modern comic book readers.

Advanced Solicits and art- The fact that Captain America was dropped from this team was expected since he had been absent from all the art released before the book made their debut

Hypocrisy- Henry J McCoy, tsk..tsk..tsk. You must be spending way too much time with Wolverine because you’re becoming as a big a hypocrite as that midget nutcase. After all the bitching and moaning about Cyclops keeping secrets etc, Beast just up and joins the illuminati after he damn near endangered existence by time traveling in the “All New X-men series”. Yeah Cyclops is the worst thing to happen to mutants your shenanigans are so much less vile.

Boring- Honestly I was bored, and this is coming from someone who had high praise for the two issues that preceded this one.

Continuity forgotten- So the infinity Gauntlet was reassembled….um that should be impossible considering the living tribunal stuff that occurred before. (Whatever I guess!)

The Ugly

This issue didn’t fill with excitement half as much as the last two. This is supposed to be my Black Panther fix but I really didn’t get my fill this time. One thing is for certain though Hickman plans on taking all these characters in a dark direction which I‘m looking forward to but it just hasn’t gotten there yet. 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

New Avengers (2013) #2 Review

New Avengers (2013) #2

New Avengers (2013) #2


The Illuminati gather to plan for the death of Everything.

Infinity gems, old wounds, lies, agendas and universal incursions.

“It breaks hope — it crushes what makes us decent and steals what little honor remains.” –Black Swan


The Good

Cover- I love the standard cover, where all of the members of this new Illuminati’s fingers are all touching while the infinity gems glow at the points of intersection.

Threat- I love how Hickman sells the level of this threat and the impending end of creation itself. It may have been exposition heavy but the illustrations combined with said exposition really sold the entire reason for this clandestine team up and the immediacy of the threat. Jonathan Hickman you and me in 2013 son! Sweet music together!

Egos- I’m still very intrigued by all the super egos on this team. Self righteous Steve Rogers/Captain America, Mister I know it all Reed Richards, alcoholic egomaniac Tony Stark/Iron Man,

Art-Steve Epting’s use of shadows really is the high point for the art despite the fact that his Namor looks like a hobo in need of a bath.

Continuity- In my Last review New Avengers (2013) #1 I was left a bit, peeved that T’challa/Black Panther would have allowed Namor to walk back into Wakanda in light of his actions during Avengers Vs. X-men (See Avengers Vs X-men #8 and Avengers Vs. X-men #9 for details). Here Hickman quickly establishes that this is strictly business. To save creation itself he will tolerate Namor but when that is over he will kill him! That, my friends is more like it!

The Bad

Cover- Hated the alternate drawn by Simione Bianchi. Some find his art sent from heaven but it’s always hit and miss for me, and this one is a total miss!

Action- Apart from a few what I’m assuming were flashes of the future this issue had no action to speak of.

Exposition- Some may find this book not to their liking because it’s very exposition heavy.


The Ugly

Overall I enjoyed it allot though it again falls short of anything happening in Hickman’s Avengers (2013) still  very solid though 4/5

stars- 4

New Avengers (2013) #1 Review

New Avengers (2013) #1 by Jonothan Hickman

New Avengers (2013) #1 by Jonothan Hickman

To prevent the collision of our universe with another, the Illuminati, led by the Black Panther, must assemble NOW! It’s the most powerful and brilliant team in the Marvel Universe–The Black Panther, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, Namor the Sub-Mariner and The Beast–against an infinite legion of parallel realities.

The Good

Cover-The standard has a nice noir vibe to it and it also adds a bit of mystery to the lineup for those (unlike me) who have not read advanced solicits. This makes the members of the team’s reveal at the end have more punch to it. Another awesome cover has to be the one where T’challa is front and center flanked by Black Bolt, Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Reed Richards while he holds a world in his hand while they are surrounded by many other worlds. New Avengers (2013) 8The sources of light on this one are the worlds themselves giving this cover the best overall color scheme and depth thanks to the contrast and use of shadows. The other covers worth mentioning are the one where T’challa is in the center leaping into action while the team surround him also ready for battle. The black and white ink version of this is also simply stunning! (I love me some inks only on paper)

Set Up- Like Hickman’s other book Avengers (2013) #1 this issue is all about the set up. Why is the team coming together? Against what threat? + Why is T’challa forming the team since he knew that the original Illuminati team would cause more harm than good….what threat could be so great that he would knowingly enter a team with these men? Not mention Namor has betrayed him twice in the last ten years; Once when he was almost killed by Doom (See Black Panther #1 and Black Panther #2 for details) and during Avengers Vs X-men #8 and Avengers Vs. X-men #9 when he all but destroyed his nation. Dangerous and strange bedfellows indeed. What would the reigning Queen Shuri think of T’challa consorting with a wanted criminal and enemy of the state!?

The Return of the King- Ok, it’s been a rough patch for Black Panther fans after “Most dangerous man alive” was cancelled early 2012. 2012 was a quite year for our boy until Fantastic Four #607 and Fantastic Four #608 and Avengers Vs X-men #8 and Avengers Vs. X-men #9 brought him back into the limelight all under the thumb of Jonothan Hickman. To say this issue builds on the importance of T’challa to the marvel universe is a bit of an understatement! If the solicits are to be believed this is his team operating from Wakanda’s Necropolis (Introduced in Fantastic Four). T’challa also gets allot of new toys thanks to Hickman; a teleportation device, a cloaking device, a costume that apparently can disappear and reappear at will or even parts and shied generation? More of this please!

Art- Not perfect by any means but I like Steve Eptings strong line work and his action scenes are the highlight of this issue. His use of shadows is also to be complimented.

Wakanda- I loved how Hickman handled the Wakandan elements, mixing nature, technology and classic African clothing and weaponry to make a culture Marvel execs think is “too far out there to make a movie”.  I can’t wait to see where Hickman goes with this!

The Bad

Covers- Again a plain white cover with a logo and marvel is expecting us to pay the same price as a standard? Really!? The other bad cover was the A-babies which is neither cute nor….wait a minute! What the hell are A-babies anyway besides x-baby knockoffs which are even less popular?

New Avengers (2013) 9Goddess- Um……since when does T’challa say “goddess” every other sentence? Is this something he picked up from Storm? I mean it makes sense but…….was weird honestly.

Villain- As interesting as the story was I found the design choice….a scantily clad albino chick with long hair wearing all black…..uninspiring. Honestly next issue we could say this was Emma Frost or any one of the myriad of scantily clad white women in comics and nobody would bat an eyelash. There also was no motivation given for her actions making her both uninspirng and uninteresting.

I’m confused- Ok I was following the story until we hit the last page where the now (Classic) Illuminati arrive in Wakanda without Xavier (Who was killed in Avengers vs X-men #11). Why is Dr. Strange dressed as sorcerer supreme? Did he not lose the cloak etc to Doctor Voodoo? And were said items not destroyed along with Jericho Drumm (See New Avengers #6 for details)? Equally as confusing was Reed wearing his new white uniform but Cap was wearing his before avx costume???? WTF is happening here? When does this story take place?

Dead already- (Shakes head) Sure it served the interest of the story and I really should not have gotten attached so quickly to the three new characters introduced at the start but DAMN Hickman you killed everyone already? I was looking forward to seeing them grow throughout the series, guess I better not. Touche Mr. Hickman!

The Ugly

Run out, get it, tell your friends, your neighbors and your enemies too, New Avengers is a bloody good read! 4/5

stars- 4

Black Panther #36 Review


Back in Wakanda, the Royal Couple’s troubles continue, as one of T’Challa’s greatest foes makes his power move.


In Wakanda the people scramble to find out where Killmonger could have gotten technology to capture Photon.

In Niganda Killmonger whips the people in a frenzy as he regales them with tales of unity and overpowering the American invaders. He visits shuri’s cell and leaves some of his army locked in with her to keep her company. She makes short work of them as T’challa and Wakanda attack Killmonger’s forces.

They are met with surprising opposition by mutated Animals but T’challa manages to make his way to Killmonger.


The Good

Cover- Sweet illustration of Storm and her Beau, he’s on his throne while she stands beside him in African garb. Ah the happier times of their marriage! How I miss this!

Action- Explosions, Bombs, bullets, blood and death. Yup it’s a party…I mean war all right!

Art-Cafu continues stellar work which shines in action scenes.

Villain- Killmonger is badass and cool too! How awesome is being showered with bullets and having them deflected without a gesture? I’ll tell you! Not as cool as surviving a couple Missiles and one tipped with Vibranium; LoL ; That’s how!

The Bad

Exposition- Good lord this issue was a chore to read. Allot of words, reminiscent of the 90′s. (Shakes head)


The Ugly

More action though a bit heavy on the exposition, still a solid 3/5

AVX: Consequences #1 Review

Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next! Will any heroes be left standing, and at what cost?


In Wakanda Wolverine and Storm along with his students are forced to leave when they are almost shot down. In prison Scott is locked away in a special mutant only wing of a prison run by mutant haters.

Meanwhile Hope Summers is offered membership in the Avengers but opts to have a normal life instead.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel search for Magneto unsuccessfully. Captain America asks Wolverine to talk to Scott in hopes of locating the Extinction team. Wolverine does not accept but heads to prison anyway to talk to Scott.


The Good

Consequences- Here we see Wolverine and his students attempt to aid Wakandan and almost get shot because he’s so dumb. Storm also tells us she’s now a criminal in Wakanda because she chose her team over her husband/king and subjects.

Cyclops is carted off to jail by mutant haters and placed in a mutant only wing. His physical abuse at their hands is a prime example of what Magneto, Emma Frost and Scott have been spouting for awhile. They will NEVER accept mutants whether criminal, hero or otherwise!

The hunt for the extinction team is also expected given the events of Avengers Vs. X-men #12. Colossus, Magneto and Magik are still at large while Emma and Scott have been captured and Storm is given amnesty because of her betrayal.

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Can someone please contact marvel editorial and tell them nobody on earth, heaven or hell is buying Wolverine’s condescending “I’m the new leader of mutant kind” bull$*** while condemning Cyclops actions in AVX! Is this mass murdering midget really going to lecture Scott on what’s right or wrong? Everything Scott did was for the betterment of his race and on a side note the Phoenix 5 were making earth a better place until Wolverine and his Avengers buddies mucked everything up! Most of Wolverines killings are personal, biased trivial $*** he should be locked up in prison for!  Let me count to ten because this right here is pissing me off!

Hate- At this point I’m convinced Captain America/Steve Rogers is a secret mutant hater. He defeats Scott then just hands him over to be sent off to prison? Scott will be put in general population without powers after all the good he’s done? They didn’t even send him to the raft for Christ sake or even check where the hell they were sending him. (Shakes head) This mutant as minorities’ symbolism is a bit on the nose right now……..is this what the writers at marvel think of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims etc?

Wakanda- Someone explain to me how stupid would you need to be to fly in Wakandan airspace with a plane full of children? Let’s recap Wakanda is a self contained nation fiercely xenophobic and more so after Doomwar and AVX. If he was their alone or with veteran heroes it would make sense but this is utterly unacceptable.

Ticking Time Bomb- So let me get this straight the mutie haters are going to house the new criminals from said species in the same place as the man who resurrected their race? They do realize if Scott wants he could inspire a riot like they have never seen? On another note, did no one learn anything from the “Raft”? Housing super criminals together always works out so well!

Scarlet Witch- Once a favorite character of mine but the pat on the shoulder she gets for decimating a race and killing thousands because Captain America has been inside her s***** is the very worst thing they could have done for her. Apparently it’s cool to kill people if you’re an Avenger but for X-men that’s reason for imprisonment.

The Ugly

A bit predictable given how Avengers vs X-men #12 ended but for any mutant fan this is the worst case scenario we have dreaded since you first picked up the book whether five years ago or twenty. Mutants are hated more now than before despite their best efforts and Captain America is handpicking which ones are worthy or trust and forgiveness. This issues raises many question and I can see how this will blow up in Caps face soon enough 3/5

stars- 3

Black Panther Joins the New Avengers!

New Avengers= New Illuminati

Coming in from Newsarama is the best darn news I’ve heard in regards to our beloved and downtrodden Black Panther/Tchalla all 2012. To say this has been the worst year of T’challa‘s existence would be a gross understatement! His book was cancelled….again (Read the details here). His nation was decimated before it even fully recovered from 2010′s Doomwar during Avengers Vs X-men #8. His marriage was annulled in Avengers vs X-men #9, oh and he’s no longer King of Wakanda (See Fantastic Four #608 for details).

Guess what? That was not all!

After years of rumors Marvel announced “Guardians of the Galaxy” as their next big franchise while lambasting that Wakanda would be “too difficult to create”. In an interview with MTV, Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito was asked about a potential Black Panther movie, and this is what he had to say:

“He has a lot of the same characteristics of a Captain America: great character, good values… But it’s a little more difficult, maybe, creating [a world like Wakanda]. It’s always easier basing it here. For instance, ‘Iron Man 3′ is rooted right here in Los Angeles and New York. When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.”

Still not done guys……..take a seat if you missed this one but someone “approached” Romeo Miller formerly il Romeo aka Master P’s kid about playing T’challa. Talk about completely clueless casting!

Well Jonathon Hickman who wrote the Black Panther/ Fantastic Four crossover earlier this year will be headlining the Avengers line during Marvel Next and announced along with releasing the lovely image above confirming Black Panther will be rejoining at least one Avengers team,

The full roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt (“back on Earth,” Hickman says), Namor (“despite everything that’s going on”), Black Panther (who, Hickman notes, originally declined Illuminati membership). “Even though some of them don’t like each other and don’t get along, they have to save the world.” Mr. Fantastic and Beast also appear to be on the New Avengers covers released today by Marvel.

This is an interesting line up for a number of reasons. Namor destroyed wakanda‘s capital and killed hundreds if not thousands of Wakandans. Lets also not forget that Namor was in bed (take that any way you want to) with Doom when T’challa was fatally wounded ( See Black Panther #1 and Black Panther#2 for details) before Doomwar. Namor knew what was coming and failed to warn his longtime ally. To say putting these men in a room together much less a team of any kind is a powder keg of immense proportions! I trust Hickman and pray we get an in  continuity, drama filled, tension heavy, team up as Black Panther and Namor stick it to each other big time!


[Source: Newsarama]

Romeo was approached about the Black Panther Movie!?

Remember that Rumor a while back that Romeo Miller formerly Lil Romeo was either involved or in talks to play the king of Wakandan the very first black superhero Black Panther? Turns out it was true! This just in from an interview Romeo did for the Black film website.

With Marvel possibly doing a film on the Black Panther, is that a role you can see yourself doing?

RM: I would love to. I remember that before Jumping the Broom got released, there were some producers were talking about shopping the script to some people and I was one of the people they contacted and was asked if it was something I would be interested in. You never know. I definitely want to take in and be the next big action hero. That may be something that’s cool.

So…..what do you guys think of this….revelation? Sound off below or on our facebook page!

More as it breaks!

[Source: BlackFilm.com]

Aldis Hodge as the Black Panther?!

For those of you who missed it Aldis Hodge has expressed interest in playing T’challa The Black Panther recently in the always rumored Black Panther Movie. In an Interview with The Examiner the actor was asked if he favored a particular comic book series. his answer:

Growing up I was a fan of Black Panther and X-Men comic books. I was also a huge Batman fan. There’s recently been a little buzz online about Marvel pushing for Black Panther, and I’ve been in love with the idea for years. I want the fans to know that the one role I really want to play is Black Panther. I grew up loving the Marvel world, and grew up on martial arts. I still train. When Black Panther came around, he was almost like an African American Batman.

Now that was months ago but twitter “Insider” Roger Wardell who allegedly has the inside scoop upcoming Marvel movies, now claims:

“Aldis Hodge is currently on Marvel’s radar.”

Lets file this one under the rumor mill since the Black Panther movie has not even been announced yet and was skipped in favor of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Who is Aldis Hodge?

Aldis Hodge, 25, is best known for his Alec Hardison role on the TNT Leverage TV series, which landed him a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Television. He has also appeared in Supernatural among many shows. And he currently has two films, The East and Lives of the Saints, in production.


More as it breaks!


[Source: Comicbookmovie and Twitter]

Black Panther #39 Review

It’s Black Panther vs. Iron Fist in ‘Nuff Said combat! The karate king of K’un L’un is back, but he’s not quite the Iron Fist you remember! Black Panther battles a murderously unhinged Danny Rand while time runs out for Everett K. Ross and, quite possibly, the world! It’s super silent fisticuffs between two of the greatest fighters of the Marvel Universe!


Iron Fist and Black Panther fight all over New York while Everett Ross trapped in the Black Dragon’s body starts undergoing uncontrollable shape shifting. After the Panther manages to purge the black dragon essence from Iron Fist, the dragon takes back his body from Ross and prepares to destroy both the Panther and Fist.


The Good

Cover-Black Panther vs Iron Fist in smooth, slick and crisp colors, I like it!

Art- Very suited to the massive amount of action that takes place from start to finish in this issue.

The fight- This is the fight that most Panther haters always use in forums online. What I don’t get is how and why this fight was a bad showing for T’challa? From the start of the fight underwater T’challa managed to avoid getting hit white tagging Fist multiple times. T’challa is not even trying to kill his opponent while Fist is. All it would take to kill Fist was one well placed strike (and T’challa had multiple chances); T’challa instead though is trying to work out purging the Black dragon essence from his friend while remaining alive. Also if the winner of a fight is based on TKO then this is nothing but a draw at best: both were knocked out for awhile and a win for T’challa at worst since he hits the floor after Iron Fist and is the first to recover.  How is this a bad showing for T’challa? I don’t get it!

Nuff Said- This issue came out a months after marvel was changed to create a story without words. It was run throughout all the books for this month but I can honestly say this issue worked perfectly without dialogue. A fight spanning the whole issue really never needed much exposition from the get go so Priest really knocks it out the ballpark with this unique wordless one off tale!

The Bad

No Complaints.

The Ugly

All in all this was a very enjoyable read with Panther showing both his skills as a martial artist and resident brain. Christopher Priest after all these years is still the premier writer for Black Panther! 4/5 Solid on so many levels!

stars- 4


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