Black Panther #24 Review

Black Panther #24 - War Crimes, Part 2


Stark comes to the Wakandan embassy to see T’challa he’s out so he speaks with storm. He leaves his men to watch over the place for any movement. Elsewhere Cap is defeated by BP and he takes him back to the resistance HQ where he meets and greets the rebels.

Storm is tired of waiting for him so she flies off she is being tracked by Stark’s men. BP and Falcon have a heart to heart. In Wakanda the council debates whether T’challa has abandoned them or not in light of a submarine in their waters. Storm visits her grandparents for advice. Raganaroc is brought back online and storm visits reed Richards to discuss registration.

The Good

I liked this slow paced issue, characters for the most part were well characterized and politics continues to be in the forefront of things. Wakanda’s council worrying about Tchalla and his loyalties ever since Ororo came in is a running gag at this point. While Reed and the pro-reg continue to be villains but not so much for out right evil but for their adamant stance on things. Good work Hudlin.

The Bad

Art was very inconsistent, first page was Fugly while other bits were ok at best. The Cover was meh.

The Ugly

2.5/5 average


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