Secret Wars (2015) #3 Review


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What I thought

First of all the cover which features two Reed Richards at the centre of the conflict to reset the multiverse is gorgeous! One has sided with the Cabal while the other is backed by a handful of heroes from the original Marvel 616. Same mission just two very different ways of doing it!

Dr. Doom hands down was the star of this issue as he’s portrayed as an anti-hero as opposed to a villain. Doomwar springs to mind but just like there, he’s characterized and executed very well. I also liked that to tie into the original Secret Wars where he fixed his face as soon as he received godlike power this time he chooses not to. Fans may also recall he fixed his face first during the Avengers: Children’s crusade storyline as well. This suggests that he is more selfless this time than his younger self and he perhaps is worthy of being “god” this time. I’m more intrigued by this mosaic world by the minute. Johnny Storm/Human Torch is the sun on this planet for rebelling against god. Stephen Strange is ours from 616 who has chosen to serve Doom rather than become god himself. Miles Morales makes his first appearance since the end of creation in Secret Wars number one. Seeing Miles here for some stupid reason made me smile. It’s a testament to Bendis that the mere appearance of his New Ultimate Spider-man can lead to such a simple yet telling reaction from fans. Miles is here to stay! My boy Scott Summers is in the building, back to wielding the Phoenix Force which both caused the Avengers Vs X-men conflict and led to the resurgence of the mutant population and made him public enemy number one. Then there is Black Panther, the most dangerous man alive who formed the new Illuminati and warned them about the Incursions in the first place!

The rest are just there for show honestly. The art team of Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina have made this a very cinematic tale with dramatic lighting and panels framed like an epic big screen movie. The art also made the scene where Doom reveals his face surprisingly haunting yet captivating at the same time. We also get the answer to quite a few questions from earlier namely: Do the inhabitants of Battleworld recall life before the merger? Does Dr. Strange etc. It also gives us a clearer picture of batteworld and its inhabitants. Strangely we still have no idea who the protagonist of this series is….but it’s a non issue since things are so damn epic. The exchange between Doom and Susan was also heart warming especially in light of Reed’s inability to save his wife and kids.  The Thors continue to impress as this worlds “Storm troopers” and their fight with the Cabal next issue is sure to be all out action.

Overall though Secret Wars 2015 #3 was breathtaking, well characterized and an event book worth the name. If you’ve been burned in the past by events this may be your best bet to get back in and enjoy the ride.

stars- 5 excellent


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