Defenders #7 Review

Strange and company find their way to Wakanda… and the Black Panther!

The Black Cat takes the job of a lifetime. The reward? Anything she desires!

John Aman, the Prince of Orphans, readies to defend his secret with his life!


Black cat is hired by a mysterious group to steal a “devil’s claw”. She is successful and they send her to Z’gambo to steal an even more important item with the payment literally anything she wants. The Defenders meanwhile head to Wakanda to meet with T’challa and Shuri about John Aman.  While in commune with their ancestors Aman attacks and seemingly kills/injures T’challa. Shuri takes this to mean that the long standing peace between Wakanda and Z’gambo is broken and this means war.

In Z’gambo Aman prepares for his adversaries with one of Soloman’s Frogs.

The Good

Cover-Terry Dodson art, how I have missed you! The whole team, Dr, Strange, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Red She Hulk and Namor with Black cat the central focus. The colors are very subdued but still a great looking book.

Art-I have a soft spot for Terry Dodson, his art takes me back to Generation X and Wonder woman. As always his women are the highlights of his work. Shapely, seductive and ample, I like!

Return to Wakanda– Ok so this issue introduces another country bordering Wakanda, Z’gambo and also a soul shaped herb which grows on the west ward facing trees on the edge of the country. It allows access once made into an elixir to the psyche scape of ancestral memory. Interesting stuff…..

Solomans Frog– Never been my favorite Black Panther prop but it’s return does fill me with a sense of nostalgia.

Villains- Talk about the return of some obscure villains! The Collectors made their debut way back in the original Black Panther series in 1977. Have not seen Zanda since Storm kicked her ass before her wedding ( see Black panther #17 for details)

The Bad

AVX- Where does this fit into continuity? Storm is here in Wakanda……despite living on Utopia……and should she not be off in avengers vs X-men? Is this before or after the crossover? A text box would have helped to clarify this.

The first Black Superhero T’challa- So many people hated Doomwar because it seeming diminished T’challa in their eyes. These same fans will certainly find this issue straight up blasphemous….the king is taken out by green fog in a dream…..(laugh)

Wakanda– Those verse on the geography of wakanda may be very displeased to see this new location suddenly appear for the sake of this story when it’s absent from the wakandan map or even the marvel map of Africa (view the map here). Love it or hate it!

The Ugly

An interesting turn of events in Wakanda 3/5


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