Tom Foster (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Reginald Hudlin, Greg Pak, Koi Turnbull

1st appearance: Black Panther #23, 2007

Nationality: American

Relatives: Bill Foster (uncle, deceased) Mr. and Mrs. Foster (grandparents), unnamed Aunt

Group Affiliations: Damage Control, Revengers

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: Skilled chemist/engineer

Powers: Tom has cracked the Pym Particle and has gained the ability to increase his size and mass, Tom’s stamina increases as well and he gains superhuman strength.

Weapons: none


Following the murder of Bill Foster, King T’Challa and Queen Ororo go visits his family. Upon the king and queens departure, Bill’s nephew Tom steps up to T’challa and swore to replicate the Pym Particles which gave his uncle his powers. T’challa offered Tom his help, but encouraged Tom to finish his degree at M.I.T first (Black Panther vol. 3 #23 2007) During World War Hulk, Tom is one of the supporters of Hulk and is seen in a ferry going into Manhattan and made his way to the Madison Arena to watch the gladiatorial bouts being held there. He made a speech before the bouts began criticizing Reed Richards and Tony Stark who he held responsible for his uncle’s death. At the end of the war when Hulk and the defeated Warbound were being moved from Manhattan, Tom snuck into the abandoned labs in the Avenger’s mansion and found a way to final crack the PymParticle code, allowing him to gain powers. (Incredible Hulk #107- 109, 2007; World War Hulk #4, 2007; World War Hulk: Aftersmash #1, 2008; World War Hulk: Aftersmash, Warbound #1, 2008) Tom was ashamed of how he acted during the events of the Hulk attacked, and after some initial hesitation, was allowed to join Damage Control to help with the clean-up of New York. (Damage Control #1-3, 2008)

Tom later joins the team called the Revengers, which was formed by Simon Williams, alias Wonder Man, who had blamed the Avengers for all the recent troubles the world had experienced. The team was defeated and imprisoned on the Raft, the superhuman maximum security prison. While being interrogated, Tom reveals that he still holds the Avengers responsible for his uncle’s death. (New Avengers Annual vol. 2 #1-2, 2011)

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