Doctor Crocodile (Character)

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Created by: Jamie Delano, Alan Davis

1st appearance: Captain Britain #9; 1985

Real Name: Joshua N’Dingi

Aliases: Doc Croc, Dr. N’Dingi, Halfling

Nationality: Mbangawians

Team Affiliations: RCX

Legal Status: Ruler of Mbangawi

Height: 5’7   Weight: 190lbs  

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Relatives: unidentified father (tribal ruler, deceased), Samuel N’Dingi (deceased)

Skills and abilities: Skilled hand to hand combatant; college-educated achieving a PhD

Powers: none

Weapons: N’Dingi’s left side of his body as well as his left eye have been replaced with cybernetic parts; left hand is replaced with claw-like aperture and releases an hallucinogenic gas  which allows N’Dingi to extract information from victims and gauge their personalities, arm also houses various weapons for close and long range combat


Joshua N’Dingi was sent to England as a young man by his father. After receiving his education, he was recruited into the RCX. Joshua’s job was to take the mutated children known as Warpies into government care. While on a mission, one of the Warpie babies he had collected exploded in his face. The RCX along with the British government spent millions replacing his damaged left side. The agency made up a phony car accident to explain what happened to Joshua. He also has to travel back to England routinely for maintenance. When Joshua’s father died, Joshua returned to the small country of Mbangawi to become ruler. Once he ascended the throne, he strove to bring justice to the region where his country resided. To that end, his men captured the slave trader, Jamie Braddock, brother to Brian Braddock, the current Captain Britain. Joshua was tricked by some of his old colleagues in the RCX that Brian was also involved and lured him to his country and captured him. Once Joshua finds out Brian is innocent, he releases him, and Brian leaves Jamie to face justice. (Captain Britain #9-10; 1985)

While Jamie is being held and tortured by Doctor Crocodile and Witch Woman, his compound is attacked. Jamie is freed by Technet, who is hired by Nigel Foster, but not before he mops the floor with them using the reality warping powers that have been released due to his torture. While battling Jamie, both he and Doc Croc were transported to Great Britain. Jamie is found later by Nigel, who wipes out the memories of Technet and leaves them to believe their mission was a success. Doc Croc is found in a bath tub, turned into an actual small crocodile by Jamie. Joshua was later found and turned back to normal by his witch woman. (Excalibur #13, 15; 1989) 

During the Civil War, Joshua represented his country at the Pan African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans, hosted in Wakanda. The Congress was formed in reaction to the American Superhuman Registration Act, and searched for a way all countries represented would frame their united response. The representatives who attended were the Black Panther and Storm, Moses Magnum, Man-Ape, Afrikaa, Zarda, and Joshua. The representatives failed to reach an agreement before the congress ended. (Civil War: Damage Report #1; 2007)

When the warpie births attracted the attention of the X-men, they travel to Mbangawi to investigate. While investigating, they come up against Joshua and his troops, who are isolating the mutated children. Joshua orders the X-Men home and the children terminated. Before Joshua and the X-men can do battle, they are attacked and fight the Furies, who have come from another reality to track down the mutant who escaped there, and is responsible for the Warpies birth. Joshua and the X-Men defeat the Furies, and Joshua finds the mutant asleep and kills him.  (Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #2-5; 2010-2011)

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