Amazing X-men Annual #1 Review

Amazingx-menannual#1 cover

Storm and the Amazing X-Men go to Africa!

A death in Storm’s family sheds light on a new threat to the X-Men!


The Good

Story– In Africa a newly activated Inhuman by the name of Meruda captures Storm’s cousin Abuya. In America Storm and the Amazing X-men head to Africa to rescue her cousin, once on site they are attacked by Meruda. Storm and Meruda battle and she eventually wins. Abuya is rescued and Storm uses her powers to give rain to local farmers.Amazingx-menannual#1 3

Art-Salvador Larocca is back on an X-men book and this one in usual Larocca style looks pretty damn good. It’s not the quality of X-treme X-men but is still visually pleasing.

CoverStorm/ Ororo Munroe in all her glory flying happily in the rain with lightning flashing behind her, I like it.

Family– This is one of things on my wish list for the upcoming Storm series, I want more info and interaction between Storm and her family. This issue the Kenyan royals get name dropped and we are introduced to her cousin Abuya. We also get a nod t her time spent travelling with T’challa as an early teen before the two split with him heading back to Wakanda and she became worshiped as a goddess. I would kill to dig deeper into the Kenyan Royal Family!

VillainMeruda has a nice premise and ties to the past of the premier black superheroes Storm and Black Panther. His powers were vague enough

Action– Decent fisticuffs in this one as Storm and Meruda face off.


The Bad

Substance– While I found this issue a fun diversion and neat because it spotlighted Storm. It has no bearing on the adventures of the X-men. While Storm’s cousin as “supposed to” be in danger because we have never seen or heard about her there was no emotional connection to the events that unfolded. Meruda is also a throw away villain.


The Ugly

If you’re starved for Storm front and center then this annual may be just what the doctor ordered, for everyone else it’s still pretty decent 3/5

stars- 3 good


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  • June 9, 2014 at 4:23 am

    A few things in the story really stood out for me .
    #1 Early on the story when it is suggested that the team approach T’challa for assistance. Ororo makes a point of saying( rather coldly ,I thought ) that the marriage was over and she did not want his help . Given that I still hold out for a reconciliation that was a hard line to hear
    #2- Upon landing in Africa they are confronted by a host of cliche skinny starving natives who beg on their knees that Storm solve their problem I found that a bit distasteful . An old woman states that ” This is a tough country ” I observe that according to the writer that “tough” land does not create tough people.
    #3- Gawa Lord of the Undead looked good ( If a bit Lovecraftian) but Meruda looked more like a Black viking than anything else more European than African in design – at least to my eyes
    #4- The cover art was striking but the art on the final page was painfully awkward Over all I thought the art seemed a bit stiff.
    #5- The whole story had a “by the numbers / off the shelf ” vibe about it – at least to me
    For me -Any Storm is better than no Storm . But I want something better than this


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