Triage (Character)

Created by: Christopher Priest and Andy Kubert

1st appearance: Black Panther #54, 2002

Real Name: Nigel Blacque

Alias: Brother of the Panther

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: 66 Bridges

Legal Status: U.S Citizen with no criminal record

Weight: 185 lbs    Height: 5’10

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Jonathan Peyton “Black Jack” Cole/Kibuka (Father), Kasper Cole/White Tiger (Half Brother)

Skills and abilities: Skilled marksman with firearms, trained unarmed combatant in the use of a variety of weapons. He is also very agile and an adept business man.

Powers: None. He employs a variety of technology to aid him in battle.


It’s unknown when he was born but was taken under the wing of his father’s criminal enterprise and trained extensively in martial arts and a variety of combat forms. He was also aware of his father’s other family and half brother Kasper. When his father was jailed he became the leader of the 66 bridges publicly while his father still ruled from prison. They tried to corrupt his brother to join their ranks and fought both T’challa and Kasper.

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