Black Panther #11 Review

Black Panther #11 - Two The Hard Way, Part 2: Indecent Proposa


The ninjas make their move and stand revealed as the si fan ninja loyal to shang chi’s father fu man chu. As things heat up Panther gets snatched up and Cage gives chase, Falcon comes in and pursues.

Once they arrive at their destination fu man chu reveals he is now called Han and he is offering his daughter as a bride to panther.

A child to rule over and Wakanda. Panther refuses and Han has his ninja’s attack and Shang Chi comes to rescue his sister. Han escapes and our heroes almost get roasted by a dragon. In the end Cage convinces T’challa to at least go on a date with that beautiful woman.

The Good
I have not enjoyed Black panther this much since the opening arc.  Black panther and Cage have great chemistry and great dynamics between them.

The Humor in this issue was refreshing, cant say I’ve snickered this much since the whole run started. I enjoyed the story and the prospect of a black superhero team gets tossed around. It had a good mix of slow pace and action to keep both sides happy.

It was also nice to bring fu man chu back into the marvel spotlight with an update as “han”. Art worked with the story.

The Bad
Shan chi and Falcon are just there for cameo really nothing else. That dragon that attacked? What happened to it? It was just left there, absolutely no resolution for that one at all.

The Ugly
4/5 Great issue overall but not perfect.


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