Doomwar #5 Review

Doomwar #5 – Doomwar, Part 5

The Fantastic Four, Storm, Deadpool and the Panthers continue to hammer at Doctor Doom, attacking his worldwide network, destroying his factories, and trying to force him to face them on the field of battle. But you have to be careful what you wish for, because when Doom wages total war, he doesn’t leave any ammunition behind.


All of Doom’s bases have been dispatched but the body count for the Dora Milaje has them down to 1/3. T’challa, Reed and Shuri discuss what needs to be done. Shuri demands taking the fight to Doom directly problem is they cant find him. T’challa has a radical idea that Reed does not want to approve

In an unknown location Declun reminds Doom why he was made his “right hand” for this excursion to remind him not to underestimate his foes Doom is confident he hasn’t. Declun also reminds him that all these losses will put him at a disadvantage in the future. He chides that once he’s finished he wont need them anymore.

Deadpool returns from Latveria after not finding Doom. He is introduced to an elite group of Dora Milaje who will assist him.Reed calls War Machine for backup.

Elsewhere in one of Dooms abandoned bases Shuri‘s tech guy finds a working and intact computer system which he uses to hack into Doom’s global funds. Shuri tells him to Bleed Doom Dry.

Storm and her team get attacked as do the fantastic four and Shuri. they are all on the receiving end Shuri the worst of them when War Machine comes in saves her and hands her some experimental Stark tech to assist them in battle.

Back at base Deadpool is placed inside an experimental magic/science hybrid chamber and transported to the location of the Vibranium. Despite the fact that it may kill him Deadpool obliges. Once he lands they will use him to transport the dora Milaje elite and T’challa to his location so they can deal with Doom.

Declun soon realizes that while he has been gazing all of Dooms assets and money has been sent straight to charity leaving his new boss with no money.

Deadpool arrives in an underground Chamber in latveria, they have the coordinates and will arrive in 20 min. Reed says that going there may provoke a war but T’challa laments its already war and his people have been killed and he will have Doom’s head!

Back in Latveria Doom in a shiny new Vibranium armor with Magic swirling around him grabs Deadpool.

The Good

The Tide of the battle starts to shift here with the introduction of War Machine. Shuri, T’challa and Reed get great characterization, each getting good panel time with plenty of work.

We see here Doom’s biggest problem leading his enemies to him, his pride. He becomes so consumed by almost having near omnipotent power that he has sacrificed everything that has kept him going all these years, Billions of dollars and a multitude of “safe houses”. It’s clear that he has wagered everything on this last gambit…a vibranium powered armor. Only time will tell how this pans out.

Great action scenes litter the story and the story develops organically even adding deadpool gets worked out with the introduction of the “shadow room” a mix of alchemy and technology.

Deadpool also added some much needed humor to the very somber and foreboding mood that has pervaded the book.

Art this issue also stood out as things look arguably the best yet for this series.

The Bad

Storm‘s dialogue while facing the Doombots for a few issues has just been about Sentinels. She also seems quite ill equipped to deal with the battle considering this is not her first time facing adaptive robots.  She could have gotten more panel time but hey, when it’s not your book you get relegated to “fodder”.

The Ugly



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