Verrat Din (Character)

Verrat Din is a member of the Durlan race who impersonated Fatality/Yrra Cynrill of the Saphire Lantern Corps and seduced Green Lantern/John Stewart who was rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps! She now permanently possesses the powers of a Daxamite making her as powerful as Superman himself!?


Psiphon (Character)

Created by: Chris Cooper, Fred Harper, and Reggie Jones 1st appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #147 Nationality: American Relatives: unknown Group Affiliations: Leader of a Terrorist Cell Powers: Psiphon psionically feeds on negative emotions to increase his size, strength, stamina, and durability, and resistance to injury to superhuman levels. Weapons: When powered up Psiphon’s white hair…

Mister Jyn- Demonic form

Mister Jyn (Character)

Created by: Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich 1st appearance: Sleepwalker Holiday Special #1; 1993 Skills and abilities: none Powers: Mister Jyn is a genie, which means he can alter reality, create matter, generate illusions, become invisible, turn into gas, fly, manipulate the weather, and a host of other things genies are capable of doing, including granting…


Firefist (Character)

Created by: Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley 1st appearance:  All New X-men #1, December 2015 Nationality: Unknown Aliases: Unknown Team Affiliations: Ghosts of Cyclops Height: 5’8            Weight: 130 Eyes: brown           Hair: brown Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Unknown Powers: She appears to have a measure of superhuman strength. Her fists give off a fiery…


Zentra (Character)

Monica Debrau was a straight `A’ student throughout high school and college who was fascinated with the study of genetics. After joining a world class corporation she was tricked into becoming an enhanced human. Now she is the corporation’s number one spy and assassin and one of Purge’s deadliest enemies!?