Black Panther #9 Review

Black Panther #9 - Wild Kingdom, Part 4: Jungle Boogie

The captured X-men have been tasked with killing the old fantastic four villain red ghost for Dr. Paine.  They find him and they make a deal, they turn him over to Dr. Pain after Tchalla and wolvie fight with a wild fire breathing beast. The town is in awe of storm the goddess and those who speak out against her are killed. Red ghost kills Dr. Paine and Storm stops the super apes from killing the town. Ice man freezes them as storm departs from the team to find herself. She and T’challa share a kiss and the story ends.

The Good
Storm decides to stay in Africa and her feelings for T’challa have been rekindled.

The Bad
Story was a mess, so was the art, contrived, various people acted out of character, it read like a badly written X-men story by an amateur. Black Panther was even more of a guest star in his own book than last issue.

The Ugly
2/5 a very disappointing read


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