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June 2010 SOLICITATIONS- Black Superhero edition

Pencils & Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
The birth rate is climbing in the small African village of Karere…and these newborns are anything but normal: infants made of steel, infants only partially visible to the eye, infants who combust and destroy city blocks. Hoping to witness the rebirth of the mutant species, the X-Men go to investigate. But what they find may just be something far more sinister and dangerous…and familiar.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Issue #3 on sale JUNE 2 • Issue #4 on sale JUNE 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
1:25 variant covers by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT
If this is the BRIGHTEST DAY then what is Black Lantern Firestorm doing on our cover?!
Retailers please note: These issues will ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.Staring Firestorm

Written by MARK MILLAR
Pencils & Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
Nick Fury’s Avengers have assembled: Black Widow, The Punisher, a new Hulk, War Machine and Hawkeye are souped-up and ready to face Hell…literally. Evil’s emissary comes in the form of The Ghostrider, a mysterious new villain sent to collect Satan’s debts: human lives. But how do you fight the devil and his men? With big guns and even bigger cojones. Who lives, who survives? Who knows? But it’ll be one hellish ride!! Join superstars MARK MILLAR and LEINIL FRANCIS YU in another heart-pumping adventure! Staring Tyrone Cash
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

On sale JUNE 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
BRIGHTEST DAY continues scorching with “The Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns” as the Alphas seek to recruit John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and even former Guardian Ganthet into their ranks! What is their ultimate goal – and who is the mastermind behind it all?

Written by JEPH LOEB
Art & Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
The mystery of Ultimate X continues! With the world recovering from disaster, a select and special few try to figure out their place in it. What connects a mysterious winged guardian in Chicago with a hardworking cop? What is the true nature of this shadowy figure? And what does it all have to do with the ULTIMATE X?! Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and iconic illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS bring you the next thrilling chapter in this critically-acclaimed series!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

On sale JUNE 30 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by DAN DIDIO
WANTED: The Outsiders – dead or alive! The Outsiders are officially enemies of the state and on the run for their lives. Can Geo-Force and Black Lightning bring the team back together in time to prove their innocence? And what will become of the Eradicator’s role in Markovia? Will he help the Outsiders? Or will he be the one responsible for their deaths? Be here to find out!

Pencils & Cover by STUART IMMONEN
Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN
Heroic Age Blank Variant also available
Find out who the New Avengers are, where they call home (gotta see it to believe it!), which Dark Avenger has joined their ranks, and just who the interdimensional demonic threat to our existence is! These heroes have gathered to take on the threats too dark, too dangerous, and too bizarre for any other team of heroes.  The New Avengers are back!! And Bendis & Immonen are back with the Siege & Secret Invasion colorista Laura Martin!!  You didn’t really think Marvel was going to cancel their number one ongoing title did you?  Heck no!! Backup feature:  Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis! Staring Luke Cage

On sale JUNE 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
In Europe, a cult has turned Azrael into the host for something evil, but can his faith overcome the possession? As the walls of sanity begin crumbling around Michael Lane/Azrael, only his enemy the White Ghost can save him.

Written by JOHN ARCUDI
Pencils & Cover by ERIC CANETE
When Luke Cage went to Philadelphia to avenge an old friend’s brutal beating, he uncovered a drug ring that stretched from North Philly’s mean streets to the powerful boardrooms of corporate America — and with every “lieutenant” he took off the streets, another thug took his place. With the deck so stacked against him — and a family in New York that needs him — will the original Hero for Hire leave a job unfinished? Or will the job finish him?! John Arcudi (Wednesdays Comics) and Eric Canete (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) bring you the sense-shattering conclusion — an ending you’ll never see coming!

On sale JULY 28 • 144 pg, FC, $14.99 US
In the wake of BATMAN R.I.P. and BATTLE FOR THE COWL, a new Avenging Angel arrives in Gotham City: Michael Lane, ex-police officer, drafted by the Order of Purity to take on the mantle of Azrael, God’s Sword of Justice. Collecting AZRAEL: DEATH’S DARK KNIGHT

Pencils & by DENYS COWAN
It’s all-out action as Captain America and the Black Panther wage total war against the Red Skull and his super-powered Nazi platoon. Can their tenuous alliance withstand the onslaught of villainy headed their way?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

SPAWN #204
A massive manhunt erupts in the pages of this month’s Spawn!
After a stint of silence, and unwillingness to give his enemies answers, Spawn suddenly loses the only person that matters in his life. Sara’s kidnapping sends Clown and Spawn on a wild chase through the city, but a surprise attack by Bludd throws them off course.  Can they find Sara before she takes her last breath?

DOOMWAR #5 (of 6)
Pencilled by SCOT EATON
The Fantastic Four, Storm, Deadpool and the Panthers continue to hammer at Doctor Doom, attacking his worldwide network, destroying his factories, and trying to force him to face them on the field of battle. But you have to be careful what you wish for, because when Doom wages total war, he doesn’t leave any ammunition behind. Staring T’challa, Shuri and Storm
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Teen +

Written by CHUCK DIXON  •  Art by ESTEVE POLLS


After years of corruption, murder of American hostages, and betrayal of foreign policies, the US – with the help of other Nations who secretly put together a squad of their most highly trained military personal – will finally attempt to overthrow the dictator who has caused devastation in South America for over 20 years.

This is the story before the movie…

Final covers pending licensor approval

Written by JEFF PARKER
Pencilled by KEV WALKER
Special Post-SIEGE issue – that introduces a brand-new character! When a magical landmark like Asgard crashes to Earth, the fallout doesn’t end just by sweeping up the wreckage. This historic disaster has unleashed unprecedented threats, and one of them is pillaging the American Midwest! This sounds like the perfect mission for Luke Cage’s untested team of incarcerated superhumans—and while the newly assembled Thunderbolts boast the power of Juggernaut, Ghost, Moonstone, Crossbones and Man-Thing, are even they ready to handle the girl known only as…Troll?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by PETER DAVID
At last! All the members of X-Factor are reunited in this climactic, slam-bang X-plosion of a conclusion as Trask decides to take matters into his own hands and personally direct the forces of the Mutant Response Division into a full blown war against everyone’s favorite mutant detective team! Staring M
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Pencilled by JACOB CHABOT
Little X-Men! Big Adventure! Stars Reborn! Things have changed in Mojoworld as Mojo’s been ousted by Mr. Veech, who’s replaced the The X-Babies – the number one, top-rated stars – with something newer, safer, friendlier, and…more adorable! The X-Babies we know and love aren’t going to sit by and let that happen. And how are the characters from Marvel’s mid-’80s, kid-centric Star Comics line involved? Collecting X-BABIES #1-4.



Created by: Dwayne McDuffie

1st appearance: Icon #2, 1993

Real Name: Kevin Franklin


Team Affiliations: Shadow cabinet

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record

Height: variable                          Weight: variable
Eye Color: Brown                       Hair color: Black


Skills and abilities: Capable street Fighter

Powers: Payback is a metamorph able to shift between a normal human form and a super powered large monstrous alter ego. In his altered form he has superhuman strength though not to the extent of Icon. He also has claws in his altered form which are capable of rending any known material.


Kevin was originally the assistant of the Mayor in Dakota, Thomasina Jefferson (Icon #2, 1993). He tried to have the order to use the experimental tear gas “Quantum Juice” used during the big bang denied but the mayor overruled him. He went to Paris island to warn those gathered their. As a result he was present at the  Big Bang and was exposed to the gas. While others died he was mutated and gained superhuman powers (Icon #3, 1993).  He disappeared for six months only to make his way to the Mayor’s office and hold her at gun point hoping to get her confession for using the experimental gas that resulted in the deaths of hundreds (Icon #2, 1993)Icon and Rocket interrupted his blackmail attempt and defeated him. He revealed the secrets of the Big Bang to Icon and Rocket before turning himself over to the authorities (Icon #3, 1993).

After his release from prison he joined the Shadow Cabinet ( where he witnessed the death of Dharma and his apparent resurrection (Shadow Cabinet #10). Dakota’s first public superhero team, ‘Heroes’ alongside Static and Starlight (Heroes #1)



Created by:  Damon Wayans and J.F. Lawton

1st appearance: Blankman (Movie, August 19th 1994)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’1            Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: Brown          Hair: Black (worn bald)

Relatives: Kevin (Brother), Grandmother (Deceased), Parents (Deceased)

Skills and abilities: Genius level inventor.

Powers: None


A genius level inventor who worked in the inner city as a repairman. So engrossed in his work was he that he didn’t realize his community being overrun by violence and crime. The death of his grandmother inspires him become the superhero “Blankman” and clean up his neighborhood. He’s so successful he becomes loved and adored by the city and eventually defeats the last major gang in his community. After his brother discovers his secret identity he makes him his sidekick “Other guy”.

Kendra Young- Vampire Slayer

Created by:  Joss Whedon

1st appearance: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Ring of Fire (1st comic book appearance), 2000

Nationality: Jamaican

Team Affiliations: Scooby Gang

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’4″              Weight: 100 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed parents (Status Unknown)

Skills and abilities: Trained  from an early age in the use of a variety of weapons and mixed martial arts skills.

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, enhanced healing factor, ability to sense Vampires and use any weapon instinctively. In addition to this she has prophetic dreams in which she can see glimpses of the future.


Kendra Young was a Slayer born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Unlike Buffy she was identified as a “potential slayer” at an early age and was taken in and trained by Sam Zabuto in weapons and martial art. Kendra was the modeled slayer in training mastering the “slayer handbook” and carrying out orders to the letter.  Before she received her powers she carved a stake she affectionately called “Mr. Pointy”. When Buffy Summers suffered a temporary death the slayer line and powers were activated in Kendra in 1997.

Investigating a supposedly “slayer-less” hellmouth she fought Buffy and later allied with the Scooby Gang in battling the vampires Spike and Drusilla. After Angel was reverted to “Angelus” she returns to sunny dale to aid her friends but is killed in battle with Drusilla in 1998. after only a year-long tenure as Slayer. Her death activated “Faith”.

Note: Kendra appeared in season two of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was portrayed by Bianca Lawson.


John Hancock

Created by:  Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan

1st appearance: Hancock (movie, July 2nd 2008)

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Criminal record in the United States

Height: 6’2              Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes:  Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Wife

Skills and abilities: Capable fighter

Powers: Immortality, invulnerability, superhuman strength, speed, agility and the ability to fly.


Hancock is a member of a long lived and immortal race of beings who in ancient times were worshipped as gods. In modern times he woke up in a hospital amnesiac and alone. He took to drinking as a coping mechanism while also trying to use his abilities to save people. Due to intoxication he often caused massive property damage which made him unloved, jeered and more often than not a bigger problem than the criminals he caught.

His life changed upon saving Ray Embrey who helped him reform his image by quitting alcohol and serving a sentence in jail. Here he became a more serious and focused individual with renewed purpose in life. Released from prison to thwart a bank robbery he donned a costume and won the affection and respect of the city upon completing the task. With an unexplainable attraction to Ray’s wife Mary who reveals that she was his wife and also possesses superhuman powers though they diminish whenever they are in close proximity. That night he’s injured in a bar after being shot since his powers have begun waning. At the hospital she reveals their past before his amnesia. She herself is injured saving him and to save her he flees as far away as he can so her powers would return and save her.

Hancock ventures to New York a new man and confident Superhero ready to change the world!

X-Men #73 Review

Quote: Maggot- Wait! Your making a mistake—-Joseph’s not Magneto!

Joseph watches over a sleeping Rogue (yup he’s always been this creepy with her) when she realizes he’s there she promptly throws him out and even threatens to “snap his neck” (pleasant girl I assure you), he then reluctantly leaves.

Downstairs the X-Men are busy fixing up the now/still empty mansion (with ugly wallpaper which only wolvie could have picked out bleh!) receive a letter from exiled and absent mentor professor Xavier. Beast is happy to hear from his mentor, he wishes them the best during the holidays an sends his love, this pisses wolverine off (what doesn’t?) when beats inquires what’s wrong he snaps (as usual) he starts going on and on about the smells on the letter when Joseph walks in and asks wolverine if he can sense the “tenacity, will to overcome and to persevere” on the letter Wolvie snaps at him calling him magneto then storms out.

At the Hulkbuster base, Senator Kelly (the mutant hater) arrives to free Charles Xavier, from Bastion’s prison since he made a stand against them and all they stood for (See X-men #69 for details)
In the Rio, Sebastian Shaw’s assistant (not that betrayer Tessa/Sage) is going over the arrangements for a party that the hellfire club is throwing but his mind is not there, he keeps looking at the apocalypse symbol which wraith gave him weeks before.

With the wallpaper work done Joseph decides it’s time to have that talk with Maggott about what happened in Antarctica. Maggott does not want to have this talk for some reason but he ends up going along for the ride anyway, Sabra hears everything from the shadows….
In Salem center at the forensics lab the detective comes to view that body that was found mangled and dead in the alleyway, curiously it has all the patterns of an internal examination being done…apparently the murderer has been autopsying the victims (merry Christmas indeed)
Back at the mansion an exhausted Cecelia Reyes is creeped out by the vast emptiness of the mansion, when she approaches her bedroom, Marrow burst through her door …..carrying medical books and supplies??? (ok then) Cecilia gives chase but cant catch the boney mutant, in her mad rush she manages to use her powers in an offensive way, for the first time. Beast is actually the one clobbered by her power and he proceeds to fondle her and discuss her powers…neither of which she’s comfortable with. He then shows her the new years resolution list he has placed beside the stairs.
On the mansion grounds, the woods to be exact, Joseph asks maggott how they met before, unsure what to say but yet before he can respond, they are attacked by Sabra (yeah that was uncomfortable for all of us) She plans on killing the mutant villain Magneto who she thinks is Joseph. Before she can kill Joseph, Maggott stops by revealing that Magneto and Joseph are not the same person.
Far away, Sebastian Shaw is annoyed by fellow inner circle members and after a final thought he accepts Wraiths proposal and leaves the inner circle.

In Germany, the package that was sent to Storm a few issues back hits an unexpected bump in its proverbial road, strangely several African tribesmen appear from thin air to ensure that the package continues its journey to New York.     

When Joseph recovers he does not believe these revelations at first but, after considering his mysterious and enigmatic origin, he agrees to depart the x-men and go with Sabra so he may discover who of what he is. Maggott meanwhile is sworn to secrecy by Sabra since she believes this may be the best course of action if the real Magneto is keeping watch on the X-Men. She is paranoid that they should not alert him (ok I can live with that). With that he tells Maggott to say “bu bye” to Rogue for him and he flies of with (a new woman) Sabra to parts unknown.

Beast starts a New Year’s Resolutions list, closes the story as all the X-men have made a vow for the new year!

The Good!
Nice but not tidy house cleaning by Joe. He gets rid of a character who’s now dead in his tracks so that we can focus on his team.

The Bad!
This reeks of something fishy….Joseph is a left over from an obvious old storyline who the writers are just writing out so they can focus on a core team. Cop out for those who were fans of him that’s for sure. The art was adequate but

The ugly!
An ok read for what it was, passable at best.     2.5/5 stars

stars- 2.5

X-Men #72 Review

Marrow- “So why don’t we cut the bull and get down to it then?”

Wolverine-”Kids today… no respect for old-fashioned conversation.



Summary: We start with a voice over by Marrow about how Storm doesn’t realize that things don’t just grow in the light but darkness can be just as nourishing. We see storm meanwhile in her empty greenhouse pruning back the dead leaves from her one and only plant, conversely in the dark basement that we see Marrow talking to wolverine a plant (looking quite healthy) has sprung up (plant represents Marrow no doubt). Wolverine throws his cigar at her and while he tries to reason with her she picks up said cigar and blows the smoke in his face and tells him to cut the bull because they both know he’s not here to talk. Wolvie smiles and decides yeah lets get it on!     
Outside her door Cannonball and Storm get into an argument about how they should deal with (what she deems the problem of ) Marrow. While Storm has already decided how to deal with her (sick wolverine on her), Cannonball wants to try a different approach, he wants to reach out to Marrow (on a human/personal) level. Their disagreement disintegrates into a verbal spat with Cannonball walking off.
On the roof Beast and Joseph are fixing the mansion’s roof which cannonball had destroyed in his rush to get Cyclops medical attention (in X-men 70). The young blaster proceeds to fly past our would be architects Beast then makes a quip about Gambit and an obviously angry Joseph flies off. He settles into a walk on the grounds, where he finds Maggott and Cecilia Reyes. Joseph remembers how the young mutant Maggott called him friend in Antarctica and decides he will speak to Maggott about their connection when he is not as busy later on.

Back in the basement, Wolverine and Marrow, continue fighting. Wolverine has her outclassed and even stirs up her anger; he’s on the verge of winning, when he lets his guard down. Marrow seizes this opportunity to impale him through the throat ( with one very sharp bone shard). Unfortunately Wolverine enters feral mode and with no inhibitions he tries now in all earnest to kill Marrow. The rest of the team luckily hear his howling and rush to the Danger Room, first on the scene Cannonball knocks Wolverine out, thus saving Marrow’s life, She quickly bolts out of the mansion. Cannonball and storm get into yet another argument about her methods as he thinks Storm set Wolverine out to hurt (If not kill) Marrow on purpose. Marrow continues her frantic run, and returns to the sewers, to a sick and dying Callisto. And angry Cannonball leaves Storm and his teammates to contemplate a future with the team.
Meanwhile, in Salem Center, the homeless man (from last issue) has been discovered maimed and mangled and the bloody trail leads to the Xavier school.

In Israel, Sabra makes contacts with ambassador Gabrielle Haller and tells her that she has found out that the identity of Erik Lensherr believed to be the civilian identity of Magneto is a forgery. She also reveals that the man who created it is nearby and they must hurry to reveal Magneto’s real identity. Unknown to them however Magneto has already found the forger and kills him in cold blood. By the time Sabra and Gabrielle arrive it is too late. Magneto has returned and erased his last connection to the Erik Lensherr identity (Now who the hell is Joseph then?).

The Good!
Some one shuts Wolverine up! Man that hairy little monster is good in small doses, back when this was written, him getting stabbed was cool, but by today’s Wolverines over saturation standards that is a beautiful thing seeing the lil runt laid flat! Anyway….Kelly draws a nice parallel between Wolvie and Marrow in this issue, we can see how wolverine knew what she needed and even what may be her motivation for sticking around at the mansion.
Joe fleshes out her character in a plausible way, and while its still a ways off for her to be an X-man this issue exposes her insecurities and potential motivation and lays the groundwork for wonderful progression for her tenure on the team. Storm continues to make the right decisions for all the wrong reasons, kelly shows her inadequacies as a leader in a whole new way, she hates and fears Marrow and as a result comes into conflict with Cannonball and pushes Marrow further away. Cannonball continues to grow, he’s no longer feeling insecure around the x-men like when he just joined he’s standing up not just for himself but for those around him. Maggott and Cecelia get little panel time but they are still given good characterization and fleshing out.
Symbolism- Storm trampling/killing a plant growing in the dark can be taken literally… that’s what she and wolvie planned to do to  Marrow. Interpreted another way that Plant represented  Marrow’s hopes and dreams which are crushed by Storm‘s decision to sick Wolverine on her. She has effectively stunted if not outright killed her development as a member of the team.

The Bad!
Minor complaints here except that this is where Joseph and Magneto became two separate entities; Joseph then became uninteresting because knowing marvel’s track record he was a simple “C” like Ben Reilly. Disappointing to say the least. The Fabrication story with Magneto was never followed through either.

The Ugly!
Solid read with the only problems being their impact on future stories, Joe Kelly writes well and has a good handle on his cast and their dynamics 3/5

stars- 3

X-Men #69 Review

Quote: “Again with the die fighting?” an annoyed Cecilia


Cecilia, Marrow and Iceman are rushing across the Atlantic on his ice sled while Sabra circles above. A flashback shows how Sabra saved them from the ambush in last X-men #68. Both Marrow and Cecilia question why Sabra is even there. When they press the issue she subdues them both. Marrow kills a sentinel that was tracking them underwater. When they arrive Bastion is waiting for them.

In parliament Senator Kelly and Peter Gyrich propose an end to Operation Zero Tolerance. Gyrich warns Kelly of the backlash this perceived weakness will bring.

On the island the X-men come to see bastion’s “mother” and Charlotte’s captured son. Bastion gloats as Iceman pleads with him to end the madness. They briefly fight before SHEILD arrive to take Bastion to jail. Our trio wanders what’s next as Sabra returns the boy to his mother.

The Good!
Character development-Iceman proves himself a worthy successor to Cyclops here as he manages to hold his X-men in line and also give a rousing speech to Bastion about his new age Hitler antics.  We get confirmation of Marrow’s enhanced sense in this issue and she continues to learn what life is like on the surface no killing included. We learn a bit about Sabra’s past and her son’s death which prompted her to a life of heroism.

Another good aspect is the end of O.Z.T now we can move on to group dynamics and seeing how these new x-women fit in.

The Bad!
The art was uneven in places……seemed a bit rushed to tell ya the truth and it often resulted in some strange pictures and a story mired by its shortcomings. Saying goodbye to Scott Lobell as the writer was also bad as he laid some good groundwork that leaves the title up in the air as the next writer could make or break characters he introduced. The more I examine the ending it was more than a bit anticlimatic. Bastion was building from around the onslaught saga and this is how it ends? no big epic fight? no sacrifice? just?…….taken off to prison randomly? Screw that! Boring!

The Ugly!
2.5/5 stars

stars- 2.5

X-Men #68 Review

Quote:Boo flippin Hoo-Hoo” Marrow


Marrow attacks the police officers in the basement before making her way upstairs. Cecilia and Iceman get attacked by the prime sentinels. They can escape but a firefight between the cops and the sentinels leaves innocents in danger and they decide to stay and help. Cecelia covers Iceman while he evacuates the civilians while Marrow ensures the prisoners don’t escape their cells. A single Sentinel manages to unleash an assault against iceman but Charlotte feeling guilty for leading them their throws her body in the way of the projectile. Cecelia tends to her wound when Marrow suddenly appears.

Elsewhere Sabra finally arrives in America.

Back at the station Marrow and Iceman prepare to square off when she reveals she’s there to back him up, not kill him. The three make their way down the street which is surprisingly vacant. Marrow and iceman both realize they are walking into an ambush just as they get attacked.

The Good!
Solid story-(for the most part) we now have an assemblage to confront the villain sure it took awhile for Marrow, Dr. Reyes and Iceman to finally meet up but I wasn’t bored waiting for it to happen. Sabra will no doubt enter the scene next issue.

Character development-We have Iceman the clown of the X-men in a whole new role; that of defacto leader. Bobby while inexperienced in this capacity does a good job of keeping a level head and being a hero. Iceman shows growth he’s responsible and places his life on the line numerous times for the sake of the greater good. Marrow’s not killing anyone shows great restraint on her part since she grew up in a world where it was kill or be killed and lets face it…she relishes the killing. This is the first time we see that she may simply be a misguided child as opposed to evil incarnate as Storm no doubt thinks. Dr. Reyes is the voice of the new reader thrust head first into the merry world of mutant-dum where everyone will try to kill you when you least expect it. Cecelia also shows that despite her reluctance she may yet prove to be a very valuable asset to the X-men. She places her life on the line to protect Iceman as he saves civilians and rallies around him when confronted by Marrow.

All around Solid character work and good story progression!
Action-Lost of explosions, shrapnel, an all around violence will keep action junkies very happy!

The Bad!
Art-Oh lord a guest artist…….what can i say? He’s filling in for Pacheco which is a hard shoe to fill since he’s one of my favorites and draws such strong detailed images. This was not up to the standard already set.

The Ugly!

stars- 4

X-Men #67 Review

X-Men # 67 – The End of Days

Quote: “Curse you, Charles Xavier… What have you gotten us all into this time?” Sabra


In Israel Sabra gets info she deems vital to the defeat of bastion in America. She defeats her attackers and travels to America. In the states Cecelia and Iceman are still on the run from O.Z.T They crash at Archangel’s pad where they get attacked by a prime Sentinel. Warren’s Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Jones arrives just in the nick of time to save them. They accompany her to the police station.

Once their and in the interrogation room with a one way glass they have no idea that Charlotte has delivered them into a trap since her son has been taken hostage. The lights suddenly go dead and in the basement we see why. Mutant terrorist Marrow is making her move.

The Good!
Coolness- Marrow’s introduction on that last page! She not only looks cool ( for those just getting into X-men) but for those in the know……..she’s one scary customer! Classic bad-Ass Marrow at its best and the potential that this has on her future all make this a really good issue!

Art-Carlos Pachecho’s art is at its best here. The detailed pencils and inks along with the perfect use of color gives the feeling of foreboding that accompanies O.Z.T.

Characterization- This issue had Iceman in the role of leader and doing a pretty good job of it. Cecelia shone as a woman in a state of panic as her life spirals out of control. Both were spot on!

Unpredictability-Fact is as the issue points out anyone can attack you at any moment and at the worst possible time. Good stuff all around!

Action- Sabra taking out the Prime sentinels was a nice opening.

The Bad!

While Lobell has a great tale set out here it lacked action and direction. Why did Iceman take Cecelia to the Police station? If we are on the run..on the move would be the best bet of not getting killed…..I mean these guys took out Storm, Wolverine, Cannonball, Cylops and Jean for Christ’s sake, you need to haul ass!

The Ugly!

stars- 3


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