Inhumanity #1 Review

Inhumanity#1 0After INFINITY, the Marvel Universe has changed.

The Avengers find themselves face to face with Karnak who has discovered the secret of the Inhumans that will shake the Marvel U to its core.

The Good

Cover- Olivier Coipel’s cover is easily the best of the lot. Karnac is front and center with the shattered “unbreakable” prison which reflects the cast of the issue. I dig it!

Art– Olivier Coipel continues to dazzle over at Marvel, epic martial arts exchanges, dynamic and bold colors. Emotional

Characterization– Karnac is the center piece of this tale and he is gloriously executed in every conceivable way. His powers, skill, mind frame etc all of them are laid bare and yet you still don’t see the ending coming even when he steps off the ledge. Matt Fraction is back on my radar! Inhumanity#1 3

User Friendly– The good thing about this issue is just how accessible it is. Unlike Infinity which you had to be reading Avengers 2013 and New Avengers 2013 to truly understand what was going on. This issue has a fair bit of backtracking to explain what’s going on and also explains who the Inhumans are.

Mythology- I love the new additions to the Inhuman myths, the origin of the species, the break away, the beginning and end of terrigenesis etc, It all flowed like a perfect river. It moves the Inhumans from niche and minority to mainstream and majority. The Inhuman population now outclasses the mutants 1:10. That is a baby boom!

Emotional– I found the moments with Gorgon touching on many levels. His understanding of the magnitude of the lies the Inhumans have lived by for thousands of years makes him question everything that he holds dear. It’s the equivalent of a Christian finding out without uncertainty that Jesus was just a man instead god. His foreboding last words and death are also spine tingling in their finality.

Black HeroesBlack Panther is here, though more of a background character. Interesting tidbit for those who may have missed it; Black Panther totally kicked Karnac’s ass back in Black Panther #20 during Reginald Hudlin’s run.

The Bad

Death- Oh my poor sweet psychedelic Karnac, how I will miss thee! In all seriousness though, Karnac has always been the most fascinating of the Inhuman royals to me. Seemingly with less power than everyone else his sheer skill and finesse has always made him easily the most formidable in close range. His powers are given interesting range this issue and make his passing a much harder pill to swallow. RIP Karnac Dec 1965-Dec 2013. Inhumanity#1 1

Huh– So…..this issue has Gorgon of the Inhuman’s forcing his son to undergo Terrigenesis. Gorgon is completely human here. He has not been completely human in years! He underwent terrigenesis multiple times; he should have bull’s legs and a more feral appearance. WTF happened over at editorial? no one picked that up?

War of Kings and beyond– I’m still unsure why the Inhuman’s left the Kree empire unattended after they became it’s rulers and even defeated the Shiar? Someone enlighten me because there is no text box in Infinity or this issue to explain why they went from galaxy rulers back to scattered on earth?

Marriage– Another big question mark for me is Crystal, the Inhuman princess. Wasn’t she married to Ronan the Accuser who featured prominently in the Infinity storyline? Did she not remain on Hala with him when the Inhuman’s left the planet? How and why is she here with her family now?

The Ugly

Inhumanity is upon us and nothing will be the same again. Matt Fraction and Olivier Copiel deliver a megaton opening salvo sure to ignite passions and have people talking until 2014.

stars- 4.5


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