13 Comics To Read in 2013- Black Superhero Edition

Happy New Year one and all and we welcome 2013 and as I peruse other websites everyman is abuzz with lists of various series staring characters of European and alien origin but none centered around the Black Superhero genre. So without further adieu I give you the thirteen Comics with either Black leads or back characters in supporting roles that are on our radar for 2013.

1. Avengers (2013) by Jonathan Hickman

Avengers 1-3 hickman poster

Avengers (2013)

This is by far the book I’m most enjoying right now for a number of reasons! Great art, great story, well realized villains with motivations and depth + when was the last time so many black characters were on one team? Lets see here New Captain Universe, Eden Fesi, Sunspot, New Adam and Falcon? Yes this is the revolution Dwayne Mcduffie dreamed of and it’s helmed by a writer just ballsy enough to pull it off!

This is the book to read for black superhero fans in 2013!

Who is Miles Morales?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

2. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis

If you have not been following Miles Morales adventures as the new Spider-man you have easily missed one of the best black superhero stories ever written! Yeah I said it! And I’m well aware of the Miranda Mercury’s and  Static Shocks of the world. Bendis has given Miles the same life he breathed into ultimate comics Peter Parker and trust me you should not miss a single moment of his awe inspiring tale of discovery, life and growing up.

3. Uncanny X-force (2013) by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney

Why I’m excited

Uncanny X-force (2013) #1

Uncanny X-force (2013) #1

Storm and Psyocke are our co-leads and protagonists everyone else is support so “hopefully” Storm’s mind frame and recent trauma’s will be dealt with in some way. The death of her mentor Charles Xavier, the end of her marriage to first love T’challa. Betrayed by Cyclops etc. Plus we have the return of Bishop! Yeah this has my 90’s fan boy heart pounding hard!

If the writers words are any indication he is well aware of all this and plans to deal with each in some way over the course of the series. For this we can’t help but be excited.

Shadowman (2012) #1

Shadowman (2012) #1

4. Shadowman (2012) by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher

The first two issues were good, not the greatest things on the shelves certainly but they have potential and I trust Zircher and to move modern day Jack Boniface into one of the new power players at the relaunched valiant. It also helps that this is his ongoing series as opposed to a team book like many others on this list.

5. New avengers (2013) by Jonathan Hickman

New Avengers (2013) #1

New Avengers (2013) #1

Ok so the return of the Black panther to a monthly title finds him not flying it solo but we do have to take what we can get. What we do get however is a well written black panther with plenty of new toys in a new place, the necropolis of Wakanda reforming the Illuminati to battle foes unknown (the ones we did meet lacked proper motivation to excite). In said group we find Wakandan public enemy #1 Namor. Now to say this is a powder keg alliance is a bleeding understatement!  With Hickman at the helm I’m sure things will ramp up soon enough and with my man T’challa at the helm of this ship I’m here for the long haul and you should be too!



6. Invincible by Robert Kirkman

Now I may not have written a review of whats been going on in this book but trust me when I say this is one of those hidden gems. Massively enjoyed from beginning to now but relevant to black superhero fans since #90 where black superhero Zandale Rudolph took over the mantle. Unlike the original protagonist this is one flawed ***** up man with parental issues of neglect part…..lets just say it’s a very shocking yet gripping read. Why it’s this ow on the list? Well I don’t think Zandale will be holding onto the Invincible mantle for much longer. (Stay tuned for upcoming reviews for clarity on that one)

7. Jaycen wise by Richard Tyler

Jaycen Wise

Jaycen Wise

Now some of you must be wandering who the hell is this? Now I’m excited for a few reasons. Firstly is the art by Mshindo Kuba (Who I’ve tried to interview in the past to no avail) It’s distinctive, utterly gorgeous with strong authentic African features on all his creations. This is what caught my attention, now a few fans like to complain I don’t spotlight enough Indy work but the gods honest truth is I can’t with clear conscience recommend a book that costs 6-15 dollars with shitty art (I’m looking at you War of the Independents),  I just can’t! Now having said that, the quality of art in the Jaycen wise previews is easily worth my hard earned $20 if this quality is on every page! Now The book is about a black immortal from the age of antiquity charged with the preservation of knowledge, truth and light. Now I’m intrigued by how he became an immortal, this is a character which almost any kind of story can be told about. He can be dropped in and out of real world history and placed in unique positions etc. Huge fan of the mystery surrounding him honesty…..Richard Tyler if your out there send me a copy ASAP! I need his in my life!

All New X-men & Uncanny X-men (2013)

All New X-men & Uncanny X-men (2013)

8. All New X-men (2013) and Uncanny X-men (2013) by Brian Michael Bendis

Written by Bendis this book has a massive cast but Bendis has promised some spotlight to be shined on the new mutants who have popped up. One of those is Christopher Muse who will be joining Cyclops faction in the new marvel universe’s Xavier school for the gifted.



9. Batwing by Fabian Nicieza

Once my favorite black superhero ongoing but with dwindling sales and original writer off the book I’m honestly expecting it the announcement of its cancellation sometime this very year. Still David Zavimbe is a wonderful character full of history that ties into real world Africa and an indomitable spirit to rival Bruce Wayne himself. The series started out strong here’s hoping new writer Fabian Niceza can keep it afloat while breathing new life into it.

The Fearless Defenders #1

The Fearless Defenders #1

10. Fearless Defenders by Cullen Ben

Two words Misty Knight. If that doesn’t get you excited you need to read her biography and the multitude of reviews we have on this gal. She is bad ass with capital BAD. Just like storm in x-force she will be the co-lead of the book to mythical Asgarian goddess Valkyrie. I’m not feeling the art on this book but the writer seems to have a handle on who Misty is and how to play her off Valkyrie so we have high hopes.

Earth 2 #4 Review

Earth 2 #4 Review

11. Earth 2 by James Robinson

Now with the cancellation of Voodoo in 2011, Mr Terrific and Static Shock  I assumed DC would have given another black character at least a shot at their own ongoing but that never happened! Instead Kendra Saunders on Earth 2 has kept me coming back to this title even after the opening arc dragged on far longer than I would have liked. Now that we know her past I’m even more intrigued by how she got her wings and many other things. Mystery is a powerful force and Hawkgirl has me hooked on Earth 2!

Dread & Alive #0 Shadowcatcher

Dread & Alive #0 Shadowcatcher

13. Dread & Alive #0 By Nicholas Da Silva

Now back when this series premiered or was it before it premiered? I had a serious thing for the antagonist  Shadowcatcher. In fact back when I interviewed the series creator when we first launched I was more fascinated with Quaco than Drew or even Cudjo. Now before you wonder why let me just say I’ve always had a thing for villains. As a kid I thought Gaston was cooler than the Beast and that Ursula was ten times greater than the little mermaid. Having said that I’m excited to see light shed on the past of this villain not to mention it’s illustrated by Hercules artist Rodney Buchemi. If done right this could be the start of a whole new year of interest for me and this series!

Update! For those who are looking for a different flavor than that offered by mainstream comics be sure to read 13 Comics to Read in 2013-Indy Edition.

5 thoughts on “13 Comics To Read in 2013- Black Superhero Edition

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  2. For the record, I do think EARTH 2 is worthy of recommendation. I was skipping all NuDC books, because it’s really just the same old thing with a new coat of paint on it, but someone I trust convinced me to try this book. And it is the one truly, and naturally, diverse books in their line-item. It is, in my opinion, how the whole reboot should have been considered. Not only is there greater ethnic and gender representation among the heroes, but I also like the way Alan Scott’s sexuality has been played, with the relationship with his fiancé, and his reaction to him being killed, all being written as not being unusual in the slightest. They’re not going out of their way to write him as “Oh look, GREEN LANTERN IS GAY” he is just another superhero, who happens to be gay. I also like the concept of the World Army, and Commander Kahn (though it clearly owes a lot of influence to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.).

    I know some fans have complaining that the books is moving too slow, and are eager for the heroes to officially united as The Justice Society, but I think the pace is moving just fine.

    • I agree with you on Earth 2 it’s one of the few that would have survived a mid year list. I’m also way guilty of sometimes wanting a faster pace from the series but it manages to get characterization, plot setup and world outline just right which is something both Justice League books lack big time! I do think your missing out not reading Avengers (2013) it’s really the best thing on my pull list bar none! and Batwing is noteworthy for being the “last black standing” of the new 52 launch.

      • I keep hearing how good Avengers is, and I’m sure it is, since I know how good Jonathan Hickman is, I’ve got most of his previous creator-owned books. Pax Romana, Transhuman, Red Mass for Mars, & Red Wing. I also got the first volume of SHIELD, and his Ultimates (which immediately went downhill when he left). But I’m just tired of Marvel. Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite, and other indies are where it’s at, for me. Right now, Hickman will have to settle for getting my money through Manhattan Projects, which is my 2nd favorite ongoing title (after Saga).

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