Coal Tiger (Character)

Coal Tiger 1 (2)

Real Name:  T’challa

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:Bob Harras and Steven Epting

1st appearance: Avengers #355 (October, 1992)

Nationality: Wakandan

Team Affiliations: Avengers, Gatherers

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’                       Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Black

Relatives: T’challa/Black Panther (Alternate Timeline Counterpart)

Skills and abilities: Same as the Black Panther

Powers: Same as the Black Panther/T’challa


In his world he never became king of Wakanda as his father never died. As prince of Wakanda he attained the rank of Coal Tiger and even joined the Avengers of his word. A world ending tragedy occurred and he alone survived. When the Gatherers arrived on his world he attacked them but was too weak to truly be a threat. Unconscious he was taken by them back to ‘Proctor’, unfortunately a chronal imbalance was sapping his life force once he made the transition to Earth 616.

He was then used as bait to lure out the Black Panther against his will so they could “gather” the Panther’s energies and to stabilize his own. At the last minute he managed to convince Swordsman to spare the Black Panther and he died in his counterparts arms.

His costume was then kept by T’challa under glass in his sanctum.


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