Black Panther: Man Without Fear #514 Review

Black Panther: Man Without Fear #514

Luke Cage guest stars as T’Challa’s new adventure in NYC continues! The former King of Wakanda has sworn to protect the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen, and while battling the mob is one thing, how does he stop a killer targeting innocent people? It’s a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, as T’Challa hunts ruthless new crime lord Vlad the Impaler, while Vlad concocts a desperate and bloody scheme to entrap the mysterious new vigilante that’s ruining his plans. T’Challa learns what it really means to be a man without fear.


Vlad’s son sets up an ambush for T’challa who sees right though it and disarms his men and beats up the son and threatens him as a message to his father. In the morning the son whimpers back to his lavish town house to let his father know what has happened. Him and his father make plans to set a real trap by watching the local gym and robbing a bank.  T’challa laments not being able to save the man from his building as the son is carted off to foster care. The friendly neighbor all but tells T’challa to shag her.

Back at his restaurant he gets a surprise visit from Luke Cage. He runs Luke off not wanting help from anyone. That Night, the would be criminals are stealing the money when the police arrive having been tipped off by Vlad himself. When T’challa realizes the situation he suits up and heads straight there. Vlad kills some of them to make a distraction in the false pretense that he will save them. He gets them two hostages as he watches from the shadows. When T’challa arrives Vlad attacks from behind. Face to Face with his foe Vlad throws everyone off the roof as T’challa tries desperately to save them. One of them dies as Vlad attacks again. On the roof T’challa with some of his mask shredded looks down at the scene as the waitress looks straight into his eye.

The Good

The noir feel for this book is spot on from the art to the story everything screams Noir. The tale continues to unfold organically although some parts are a bit cliché if not predictable.

The tale has enough layers that at least a years worth of stories can come from this setting.

The Bad

If you are still waiting for a logical explanation as to why T’challa is here…. do not bother to pick this up because you won’t get one.

If you don’t like Noir…stay away

If you don’t like the art….the story wont make things any better.

The Ugly



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