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Year in Review: 2013

Blacksuperheroes“Following the portrayal of African, African-American, Black Latinos, Australian indigenous people, and Europeans of African descent, in comics, movies, TV, books and the people who bring them to ya!”


Everything we are about is included in our mission statement. To this end, we work diligently to provide all things relevant to our fans concerning the whole universe of Black Heroes, and it is for our fans that we make sure the info is accurate. We have nothing but love for all our fans, and realize that if not for you faithful followers we would be no more than a footnote in the Black Hero history.

We are always looking for ways to improve, upgrade, and keep things interesting and fresh for our fans. It may be something like noting all the relevant comics in a characters biography, or as we did in 2013, introduce The Black Perspective, which is our new article column, to increasing our coverage of the independent scene. All these things were done with the fan in mind,

 With 2013 behind us, we take a minute to recap what happened on the site, and give some year end totals based on fan traffic. We hope for numbers to double in the New Year, so tell a friend about us! We will continue to provide the very best coverage in all things Black Hero related.

 From our Article items, according to the fan traffic numbers (at least 1000 views.visits), the number one visited item was our Top 30 Black Heroes selection with 10,747 views. Coming in next was the Top 30 Black Heroes fan edition, with 10,647 views. Or piece on Wakanda was next followed by 13 comics to read in 2013. From the Black Perspective, the Black Heroes/LGBT article got the highest numbers of views. It is of note that when using the Bing search engine, if you type in “Black Heroes/LGBT” our article pops up first as the number 1 out of 70,000,000 reference items! Not too bad for World of Black Heroes! The MarvelNow and Luke Cage articles round out the rest of the group. Surprisingly enough the Mighty Avengers article didn’t make the cut but the Top 20 Milestone Heroes and Black Power Rangers articles did.

 In our character/hero categories the top 5 male heroes were Adam Brasher, John Stewart, Miles Morales, Black Panther, and our #1 most viewed/visited male hero was none other than Blankman! That’s right; Blankman! Congratulations and check out the movie starring Damon Wayans and David Allen Greer. In our female categories we had Monica Rambeau (Spectrum), Nubia, Kymera, Becka Munroe, and leading the pack was the ever popular mutant Storm! It should be noted that both Becka and Kymera have ties to Storm in some form or fashion, so it isn’t too surprising that they made the list. We encourage fans to check out all the characters. You may see someone you know or wanted to find out more about, or you may want to learn about new characters. Whatever the reason, check our character galleries; you’ll be glad you did!

 We try to review as many books as we can. We review not only the current books, but review books from earlier years. We understand that included in our fan base are comic collectors, and we like to give them as much info on the books as they decide whether to purchase them or not. In 2013 the most popular comics were; Justice League Beyond #25 (debut of the new female Flash), Wolverine and the X-Men #24 (Featuring Wolverine and Storm kissing on the cover), Midnight Tiger #1, Mighty Avengers #3, and Avengers #3. We reviewed more indy comics than we had before, and even proposed a list of indy books to read. We hope to provide even more access to indy books than we had before.


Lastly, we want to encourage our fans to continue spreading the word about not only the WorldofBlackHeroes website, but also the FaceBook page. In 2013 we saw our page go from 10,000 in January to over 16,000 in December! Nice right? We would absolutely love it if we can even double those numbers! It’s possible. Make sure you are telling your friends about us and suggesting our page to all your FB friends!


Thanks for a great year in 2013. We hope 2014 is shaping up excellent for all our fans!

Happy Birthday to our Founder Ryan Fraser!

Join me in wishing our founder a very happy birthday! He’ll be at work all day and with family soon after so when he check the website as he does every night let him see that all his hard work is much appreciated! I’ve know Ryan since we were in High School and it’s been an honor to watch him grow into a responsible, respectful and enterprising man! Important fact most fans may not know about my boy, he’s a proud father with a new baby girl on the way and he’s also a college teacher with a 100% pass rate! World of Black Heroes is clearly a labor of love that has touched millions. Below are quotes from just a few who have been touched by Ryan’s hard work!


Ryan Fraser is a true fan with a love for the comic-book industry that can’t be denied. I admire his dedication to shining a light on the far too often overlooked contributions of Black creators and Black characters within this industry. It’s a very valuable service that World of Black Heroes provides, and I will always be grateful for that.- Chace Thibodeaux founder of


Happy Birthday to Ryan! Black Heroes is an amazing resource and a testimony to the importance of African Americans to our society. Keep up the wonderful work.-John Jennings Co-author of Black Comix


We are honored that our comic series and lead character Dusu has entered into the esteemed World of Black Heroes. Mr. Fraser’s brilliant community is fun, exciting, and rooted in truth. It has the heart of the everyday people and for that we are thankful! – Sebastian A. Jones (President of Stranger Comics)

I want to wish a major HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan Fraser!!! Thank you for enlightening the masses; you are an incredible inspiration to us all!!!- Eric Moran Cosplayer


‘The World of Black Heroes site is the beacon that has shined a lot on not only the multitude of amazing and heroic characters of color, but their creators also. I know personally that my book Midnight Tiger owes a great deal to the site for it’s continued success and potential reader awareness.- Ray Anthony Height creator of the Midnight Tiger© comic


Black Heroes is an amazing site filled with a vast encyclopedic database of every black superhero ever created in comic book history. Most of us comic book fans or the casual people are not aware of the variations of characters who are people of color. This inspired me as a comic book fan of color that there are more possibilities beyond the mainstream comic book icons that I or any other black man, woman or child can relate and look up to for positive examples through these noble characters.- Reg Clinton brown actor/founder of Black Tribbles llc.


Ryan, the World Of Black Heroes is a remarkable achievement, made even more remarkable by the large and fiercely loyal following you have. I’m proud to be part of that following- that’s another remarkable achievement because I don’t follow a mother****ng thing. 

 Happy Birthday my friend, and in your honor I’m going to slap a white person today.- Michael Davis Co-Founder of Milestone Comics


Feel free to send your birthday wishes and love (below) to this man

that has given us so much and asked for nothing in return.

Happy Birthday bro,


Happy New Year!


black heroes new year

Did you know?

About 5–10% of people from Melanesia, a group of islands northeast of Australia, have naturally blonde hair — the highest prevalence outside Europe. Yet people from the region have the darkest skin pigmentation outside Africa.

I guess Bishop‘s sister Shard, who’s a natural blonde doesn’t have that hair color due to her mutation then huh? :)


15000 Facebook Fans!

15000 fans soulThanks to all our brand new and old fans for helping us reach another Milestone! World of Black Heroes is quite literally a labor of love that I created back in 2010. It brings me incredible joy to post and get feedback from you guys daily, so much so I make a minimum of one post per day! That a minimum of 365 posts per year! Where do I find the time to do the research? Scan the pictures? Purchase the issues? Write the reviews? Conduct Interviews? Write the biographies? Teach? and be a banging dad and husband? Oh and lets not forget all the racist hate mail and death threats!


Without you I would have given up long ago.
Here’s to another 15000 fans and world of possibility!
From your founder:

Ryan ‘Ryonslaught’ Fraser~

Arrow Season 2-Epsode 2- Identity

What did everyone think of the debut of the Bronze Tiger on CW’s Arrow?

John Stewart….Gay?

A case of Mistaken identity……..lolJohn Stewart Gay


Nyota Uhura and Spock


Kanye West interrupts the Hulk


Storm Trapped with Dick


trapped with dickLike! Share! Comment!


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