Black Panther-Most Dangerous Man Alive #528 Review


In wakanda the hand attacks but are easily defeated by Shuri and the Dora Milaje. In American T’challa, Luke Cage and Falcon make short work of some hand ninja who tried to hold up a bank truck.

Kingpin tries to have the bank vote to give him control. In Wakanda the woman t’challa saved along with Shuri vote to delay the boards vote by a week so T’challa can deal with Kingpin.

T’challa has his sidekick freeze kingpin’s accounts and whisk his lawyer to Wakanda while he distracts him. Kingpin is still confident but T’challa decides its time to end shadowland and fisk for good.


The Good

Characterization– Say what you want about David Liss but one thing for certain he can write a mean T’challa/Black Panther. This is the Christopher Priest rendition with his “batman nature” front and center. The cool just oozes off every single page!

Art- Great for action scenes!

Team- Marvel’s trio of earliest Black Superheroes Falcon, Luke Cage and Black Panther always make for an excellent team up. They play well off each other and have enough history between them to always make things interesting.

Action-Kingpin vs T’challa, Shuri and the Dora Milaje vs the hand, Luke Cage and Falcon vs the Hand. This is a very action heavy issue which manages to integrate

Shuri– Huge fan of the female Black panther and I’m overjoyed to see here back in action.


The Bad

Why this arc wasn’t the second instead of the tragic Fear Itself I will never understand. This is pure gold and less than ½ of the initial readers will be picking this up….just tragic…..

Cover– The washed out Newspaper vibe is just tacky. What’s worst you can’t even tell from a casual glance who’s fighting with T’challa.

Guns?- I don’t know but Wakandans brandishing guns this casually especially the Dora Milaje and Shuri…..Kinda weird….


The Ugly

Honestly this was just masterfully done from page one 5/5

2 thoughts on “Black Panther-Most Dangerous Man Alive #528 Review

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