Doomwar #2 Review

Doomwar #2 – Doomwar, Part 2

Doctor Doom’s latest power play has the Marvel Universe up in arms. Wakanda has been conquered and Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours – unless the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the two Black Panthers can rally to the rescue! With Doom only minutes away from stealing enough Vibranium to help him conquer the world, T’Challa faces the most dreadful decision possible: let Doom win…or let Storm die!


Nightcrawler is shocked at how Shuri and T’challa have killed all the desturi high council. They explain this is how one deals with traitors. They decide to split up but   nightcrawler cant reach the vault with his powers.

At the vault Doom’s patience is running out as storm tries in vein to explain she cant break the finale lock.

Nightcrawler rejoins the dora and x-men about to face off with the wakandan army. Both sides start battling. Tchalla makes his way to the vault using his new powers. Doom is not concerned as he concentrates outside the vault. The battle between the dora and the army rages on.

Nightcrawler and wolvie warn shuri about the slippery slope she’s on as she loses herself in killing the desturi proclaiming she has finally found herself. She contacts the dora after destroying the desturi jammers right then an army descends on their location. Wolvie colossus and shuri brace for it.

Doom reveals the finale lock and has an epiphany as everyone rages in battle. Tchalla reaches the vault and him and doom finally face off. Doom has storm chained and ready to kill her unless Tchalla opens the final lock.

The dora are outnumbered but ready to die in battle for their king.

Inside Doom starts counting down from five and if Tchalla does not open the lock his wife dies. Tchalla as always does not flinch. After the countdown doom proclaims his victory and throws storm to tchalla. He quickly opens the vault on to realize all the vibranium is gone.

Doom leaves a sign………………….. CHECKMATE!

The Good

Where to start? Tchalla and Doom make very good nemesis. Doom is wicked, evil and deliciously entertaining while Tchalla is regal, controlled and majestic. I can honestly say Doom war has been my favorite Doom and/or Panther story hands down. I’m enjoying it immensely. Both sides have much to lose and man the stakes just got higher! Must read In all honestly THIS is the Doom that is to be feared.

The Bad

Cover is hideous, and Storm fans be warned she is more of a damsel here than before.

The Ugly


stars- 4.5


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