Black Panther #8 Review

Black Panther #8 - Wild Kingdom, Part 2: House Of Pain


Fallout from issue #6 Mbutu has been overthrown and with him gone his country has spiraled into chaos. A former Genoshan scientist with the power to mimic abilities has decided to lay claim to power. Panther gets interrupted by storms X-men team he warns them to stay back but Havok and the others are not sure who to trust since panther has overthrown the leader of a neighboring country. They eventually interrupt and get mimicked and the villain flees.

Black Panther and Storm reminisce about the past and both wolvie and Panther smell each others desire for Storm. They split up and Havok’s team get taken down while the super apes defeat the panther. Storm saves the people of Niganda.

The Good
Crossover of the X-men and Black panther. Always fun to see different genres of super heroes crossover. It makes them genuinely feel like they occupy the same world instead of a small sandbox of their own.

The Bad
Crossover made Tchalla a guest in his own book. It seemed forced and I cant help but think there should have been a whole issue dedicated to the buildup to this conflict in Niganda. When since does Panther have the same level of senses as Wolvie? Panther has enhanced senses YES but not to the degree of Wolvie. After a stellar first 6 issues, this series starts to falter. Villain was cliché, art was banged up and inconsistent.

The Ugly
2/5 a very average read with sub par art


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