S’yan The Swift (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr

First Appearance: Black Panther #2, 2005

Relatives: Bashenga (ancestor),  Azzari the Wise (Father),  T’Chaka  (Brother), N’Yami (Sister in law , deceased),  Ramonda (Sister in law),  Shuri (niece),  Black T’Challa (nephew), Jakara (nephew),  Storm (niece in law ),  T’shan (son)

Height: 5’9                 Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: brown    Hair color: White/grey

skills and Abilities: A martial arts master easily world-class. He was the equal of T’Chaka who was more skilled than Captain America himself and defeated him decisively before. He could also hold his own against his Nephew who himself can spar with Iron Fist/Danny Rand and Shang Chi. He is also a master of his native weapons such as swords, spears etc. His preferred weapon is the spear.

Powers: After ingesting the heart-shaped herb he was granted Superhuman physical characteristics such as enhanced strength, Speed, senses and vitality like all other black panther’s and a connection to Bast The Panther God.


Born the second son and prince of Wakanda to Azzari the Wise and his wife. He grew into a quick thinker and fighter able to match his brother T’Chaka strength with his speed. It was during these young days that he was nicknamed S’yan The Fast because of his agility and speed.

As a prince he was privy to the best education in Wakanda and the finest training in hand to hand and weapon combat. In his prime he could rival T’Chaka in battle, being his equal. After his father died he watched as his brother ascended the throne and served him well. In time he welcomed nephew T’Challa and niece Shuri. He adored his nephew and saw his father and brother reflected in the boys eyes. After falling in love he conceived a son who he named T’shan. In his own son he saw a lust for power and the throne which always put a strain on their relationship.

After T’Chaka was assassinated by Klaw he ascended to the throne and became Black Panther. He was a just ruler though it was never his intention to rule. Over the years he watched as T’Challa grow into a wise and humble man while his own son’s pride worried him. He manged to hold onto the throne over the next ten or so years until the day of the black panther tournament, which was held once every year for those who wished to challenge the rule of the current king. He even met his own son but he easily defeated him.

He was ultimately defeated by T’Challa and happily stepped down so his nephew could rule. He remained one of the leading advisers to the panther after his defeat. During Doomwar he was apparently Killed.


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