Black Panther #10 Review

Black Panther #10 - Two The Hard Way, Part 1

Luke Cage remembers his time in Prison and his origins he remembers his admiration for the Black Panther. In the present he has been hired by famous rapper (looking like puff daddy/P. Diddy) he listens to the rapper’s groupie’s girlfriend mouth off about the panther that’s in looking for a wife.

Panther is in the same club as the rapper and cage. The rapper and the panther get into it and Cage gets fired for not helping. As Luke returns home the panther offers him a new job working with him. As they talk about the deal ninjas descend on the building.

The Good
It was a welcomed change of pace after the terrible last two issues to have a slow paced issue. Clearly Hudlin is better suited to these quite moments with little action as opposed to all out action. I liked how they subtly placed panther into Cage’s origins. I don’t know his origins so if has continuity errors I dot know, so I liked it.

Also nice to see things being set up for Storm to become T’challa’s queen. The art was better as well as the pacing. Seeing two Black Superhero icons in one book was great fun.

The Bad
The story came out of left field nothing before it alluded to a need to get married, Hudlin may be making this up as he goes cause it sure as hell feels like it.

The Ugly
3/5 a promising read with potential


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