Black Panther Man without fear #520 Review

Storm Hunter Part 2


T’challa is saved by Storm and the two face off with Kraven. He leads them back to the hideout of the doctor where they capture her and convince Kraven to end the hunt. When it’s done Storm and T’challa head back to his apartment.

The Good

Art- What I wouldn’t pay to switch Francavilla off this book as regular artist and have Jeft Palo! The art has a noir feel but a very great action vibe! Colors and inks also see a bump in dynamics this issue.

Story- I liked the use and execution of having T’challa face off with Kraven. Storm was also used well especially after the terrible way she’s often implemented in the recent X-men line of books.

Continuity- I liked that Liss was ware of the x-men’s resident teleporter Pixie and the happenings son Utopia. Nice touch.

The Bad

Storm I honestly thought her insertion into this story could have just as easily been Spider-man of anyone else. The Panel time she’s given and the use of her powers made it a lackluster Cameo at best. She was also pretty useless for an Omega class mutant. Not to mention I found her characterization just plain Off!

The Boy- I won’t wast my time typing out his name as the little tug of war due to simply touching him leading to controlling him felt like a glorified game of Tug of War.

Storm‘s attire- Someone give Bianchi some glasses please Storm no longer wears that hideous “mad max thunder dome” inspired ugly white costume he designed on the abysmal Astonishing X-men so why is it on the cover?

The Ugly



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