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Val Zod and Earth 2: World’s End!

Earth 2 Worlds End

Earth 2: World’s End


Here’s something to look forward to from DC Comics in the coming months, “Earth 2: World’s End”! The art from the series seen above shows a clearly grown up Val Zod, the dark skinned Kryptonian coming into his own in the Earth 2 series by Tom Taylor and Paul Levitz. The series will be written by Tom Taylor and Paul Levitz, who currently write Earth 2 and Worlds’ Finest along with Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennet, and Mike Johnson on writing duties. Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqueira, and Tyler Kirkham will be the rotating artists for the weekly series.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited at the prospect of having more Earth 2 tales in my hand. I’m also digging the color scheme for Val Zod‘s superman costume.



What do you guys think?

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[Source: Newsarama]

President Superman returns in Multiversity


The President is back!

It’s time to return to Earth 23 with  Grant Morrison in the upcoming multiversity series coming to DC Comics later this year. Morrison has dropped many hints over the years in regards to the upcoming series but these details from Newsarama are the most interesting to us:


the Superman from #9 [Action Comics] from Earth-23″ is “the lead character in Multiversity.”

The Superman from Earth-23 has dark skin, hailing from an island on Krypton, which essentially makes him a black version of the character. In a nod to U.S. President Barack Obama, this Earth-23 Superman has a secret identity on Earth of Calvin Ellis, president of the United States. The character first appeared in Final Crisis #7, but he got his own post-New 52 reboot adventures in Action Comics.

A DC comic to pick up other than Earth 2 and Green Lantern Corps? Yes please!

Are you excited about Grant Morison’s Mutliversity and the return of president Superman?


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[Source: Newsarama]

Is Mario Gully heading back to Image Comics?!

Troubled superstar creator/Artist Mario Gully aka O.M.G is back at it again and this time with Dirty Bones:



New Bark City, Growlsville. This is an epic tale of a mutt by the name of Rover – an ex “Gangster” that gave up his life on the streets to embark on a quest of self discovery while standing up against the segregation between the mutts and the pedigrees. Rover quickly finds out that life in the city has changed as Dirty, the notorious “BIG DAWG”, has taken control of New Bark City by force and is now fighting a vicious turf war with Madam Kitty for ultimate power. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and no animal is safe in this adventure of romance, gangsters, tommy-guns, fast cars and flea bitten varmints! DIRTY BONES, where every dog has it’s day!

Written and illustrated by: Mario “O.M.G” Gully (comic book pro: Marvel Comics, Arcana Studios, and creator of “Ant” published by Image Comics)

Colored by: Thomas Mason (“X-Men #1 20th anniversary edition by Jim Lee”, “Guarding the Globe by Robert Kirkman (“Walking Dead”), Spawn #200 cover by Rob Liefeld (X-Force) and Todd McFarlane)

Executive Produced by: Luke Whitehead (Entertainment Manager and Founder Mixed Nation)



Mario Gully for those who may have missed out on his very interesting life came to public attention when he published ANT a superhero series about the 1/2 Black, 1/2 white girl with dreams of becoming a superhero. We enjoyed it thoroughly! In fact you can check out the review here, we gave the opening issue 4/5 stars for gorgeous art and an emotionally gripping story. Ant we should also mention was created by Mario while he was in Jail.

Recent happening had Mario avoiding jail time thanks to a judge who was a comic fan, selling ANT to Erik Larsen who now runs Image comics, having a public spat with Erik later on about a “questionable” art piece which was to be included with an issue of Ant which tied up a whole bunch of plot holes in the original run of the series, re-branding himself O.M.G, teasing Bug which he is co-creating with his eldest daughter and then launching Dirty Bones on Kickstarter.

It’s a mouthful I know, but as a fan of Mario Gully who I may also add is a seriously underrated talent I think it essential that you understand where he’s coming from. I love me an underdog story and Mario is as you’ll realize by googling him is a controversial, polarizing personality with his own thoughts and ideas about everything; we actually liken him to Milestone comics Michael Davis.

A few days ago Mario posted the Image logo to his facebook profile (April 9) and while his Dirty Bones kickstarter was unsuccessful in reaching its goals the posting of the logo got his fans in a tizzy. When asked if Dirty Bones was coming to Image Comics he has this to say:

“I can’t say anything as of yet.”

He went on to say:

I wanna thank the Dragon for being a better man then I have ever been!

The ‘Dragon’ he mentions is clearly Erik Larsen creator of Savage Dragon and his statement also alludes to the public spat they had awhile back. Mario also doesn’t explicitly state Dirty Bones will be published by Image Comics saying he has “something he’s excited about in the pipes at Image” (April 10). On the same day a fan asks him outright if Dirty Bones will be an Image book now. On April 13 Mario responded:

We haven’t even talked to a publisher yet about this book.

I’m just finishing issue #1

That Image deal is a totally separate thing I’m doing.

Despite this however it has not stopped one website from already congratulating Mario on Dirty Bones going to Image Comics. Mario meanwhile continues to say he did not say it was happening.

Regardless of Mario Gully’s Dirty Bones project however we are quite pleased with whatever development may be brewing between himself and Image Comics, it also doesn’t hurt that himself and Erik Larsen are back on good terms. Whether the unpublished issue of  Ant ever sees the light of day or Mario drawing a new or established series for Image Comics we are happy that this talented artist will get a second chance at being the super star we know he can be!


More as it breaks.  

New Deathlok series coming from Marvel Comics!

So he has made his debut on Agents of SHIELD and he’s now back in a big way in Marvel’s upcoming crossover Original Sin details below:


Deathlok is back

Brevoort promised characters “old and new” will appear in Original Sins, with Alonso chiming in that a Deathlok story in the series is intented to be a “Point One” style lead-in to a future Deathlok solo series. The Deathlok story is by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins, the latter Brevoort says calls Deathlok a “dream job” going back years. The story in Original Sins will re-introduce Deathlok, and his alter-ego Michael Collins, to the “core of the Marvel Universe” Alonso states.

According to Alonso, Deathlok will be one of “four to five” characters Marvel plans on launching ongoing series for out of Original Sin. Marvel also has plans for several of their currently ongoing series to feature “transformations” of its characters with the effects of this line-wide event.


That sounds like good news for Deathlok fans

What do you think of the return of Deathlok to comics?

More as it breaks!

Source: Newsarama

X-men day’s of Future Past: A closer look at Sunspot

sunspot IN X-MEN MOVIE

QUESTION: When Michael B. Jordan was publicly outed as the new Human torch for Fantastic Four the internet went crazy. Conversely there has been nothing said about the casting of the light-skinned Adan Canto as the clearly dark-skinned  Sunspot. Did people genuinely miss this or …is this another case of the Hollywood double standard?!

In addition to this  Sunspot who’s powers manifest as a “blacking out” of his entire body, google sunspot to see why he was given that code name. Instead he looks like the human torch……we can complain even further that when  Sunspot finally developed his ability to project energy said energy was always a trademarked blue. What we have is just a human torch knockoff. How utterly sad on both fronts.




Earlier today both this poster (above) and this kick ass trailer (below). We get our first real look at Sunspot in action as well as Iceman riding his trademark ice slides, Storm… serious trouble and sentinels galore!!

Days of Future Past acts as a sequel to both 2006′s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011′s X-Men: First Class, as well as a follow-up to 2013′s The Wolverine. The film was shot in 3D and is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2014

What do you guys think of the Trailer and Poster?

More as it breaks! 


First look at Deathlok!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’ve been too busy to watch agents of Shield and just finally got through watching the fifteen episodes of Arrow season 2 so I may not be the best person to comment on this recently circulating image of J. August Richards as Deathlok. Now I don’t think this looks too hot and I have not heard the greatest things about this show despite Joss Whedon being at the helm. But Until I watch the whole thing I’ll reserve judgement.

What do you guys think?

Is this the Deathlok you were expecting?

More as it breaks!

Number 13 Trailer!

This is simply Kick ass on so many levels!

Based on the DARK HORSE comic. NUMBER 13, a young cybernetic amnesiac, wanders a postapocalyptic wasteland searching for a father he can’t remember. He possesses powers coveted by irrational, feuding factions of the future, and he quickly becomes entangled in their deadly struggle for world dominance! ****

Independent artists are taking the industry back! Artist Robert Love and writer David Walker who created the popular comic series NUMBER 13 (published through DARK HORSE) have teamed up with commercial director Steve Petersen to create the OFFICIAL TRAILER for their new project.

Captain America The Winter Soldier- US Falcon Poster

Captain America- FalconFeast your eyes on the North American poster for The Falcon played by Anthony Mackie! You may remember we got a foreign language poster featuring the Falcon awhile back. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is scheduled to be released in the United States on April 4, 2014.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

GOTG1Check out the debut trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be released on August 1, 2014. In the trailer we get our first glimpse of Zoe Saldana as the assassin Gamora and Djimon Honsou as ‘Korath the Persuer’.

What do you think of the trailer?

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