Black Panther #26 Review

Black Panther #26 - Two Plus Two, Part 1 - Home Invasion


T’challa and Storm are left without a place to stay in the after the wakandan embassy was destroyed by Ragnaroc last issue. They instead stay aboard a ship that Tchalla had stashed away. They have dinner with Reed and Sue who offer their Baxter building as a temporary embassy and base of operations as well as giving them their places on the Fantastic four while they take a leave of absence to work on their relationship.  They accept

The US and shield monitor the situation as they go public with the news. Back in Wakanda princess Shuri is beckoned by her friends to take charge of Wakanda in her brother’s absence. The council meets with BP to discuss his absence from Wakanda and his need to remain in the United states. He also sends them blue prints to start rebuilding the embassy.

In the negative zone during civil war some humans destroy a micro city, later a warrior among them emerges as the new leader. At the UN Storm tries to get allies for her husband but things are harder than she expected. Brother voodoo meanwhile prepares to search out the parasite which killed T’shan. Panther has the interior of the Baxter building remodeled. The team is then called away on a mission. Johnny and Ben get new colored suits and they blast off into action.

While they are gone the inhabitants of the negative zone kill the troops guarding the gateway to our world then make their way into the Baxter building.

The Good

Where do I start? The art was marked improvement from the civil war issues. Politics continues to be in the background of the issues which is fine as long as it never overshadows the story, which it did not. I liked the idea of putting T’challa and his wakandan posse in the Baxter building because he’s such a different man than Reed. Both brilliant but T’challa has always been the more “down to earth” of the two. I enjoyed how slow paced this issue was in comparison to the last few which were heavy on action and light on story. I also love the continued problems politically for Tchalla as he spends more and more time away from his people. Shuri here also gets some lime light pushing her towards a more active role in wakanda besides just the princess.

Characterization was spot on- Johnny and Grim bickering, Tchalla’s stoicism and Storm’s warmth. Even the few panels given to Stark and Maria were well done typifying their love/hate relationship after all he just usurped her position lol

This issue is a step in a new direction and I pray the pace can be maintained. Issues like this make badly written ones stand out.

The Bad

The impression of everything from civil war being swept away lingers……and the lack of action will not be every readers cup of tea. It was good but it did not WOW me.

The Ugly

3/5 for a step in the right direction


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