Black Panther #12 Review

Black Panther #12 - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos


Tchalla and Cage are headed to after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. At the location Vampires run rampant and we see that Blade and Brother voodoo are in town. Photon of the avengers is also there looking for family members. Once Panther and cage touch down they get to work helping the people. They get tangled with a vamp and dust him right before Voodoo and Blade arrive to help them with the fast approaching sunset and the vampiric horde,

The Good!

I enjoyed the story from start to finish, everything came together well. Cage and Panther continue to have great chemistry and it was refreshing to see real life and fiction merge to give us a great story. Allot of the major players in the black superhero biz turn up and it was just great seeing them all together unified and not beating each other senseless. I salute Hudlin for this story it truly is just damn good!

The Bad!

No complaints

The Ugly

5/5 solid character work and everything came together well.


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  • October 26, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    I have the all the issues from this story arc.This was one of my favorite BP adventures that was unfortunately glanced by most “MAINSTREAM’ comic readers who seemed to be his marriage to Storm during the Marvel Civil war storyline. However in this story, It was great to finally see popular black superheroes coming together for a good cause and to fight a common enemy–Vampires! Black Pather lead the pack, Luke Cage was the loyal strong guy, Brother Voodoo was the mystical guide, Monica Rambeau (aka Photon) was your female heroine/secrect weapon and Blade was your kick-ass lone hero doing what he does best–Kill Vampires! The writing was solid and the character interaction was very believable. Everyone responded to the situation the way you expected them to. The villians didn’t stand out too much in terms of a threat but the overall threat in the storyline was very real–HURRICAN KATRINA!!!! I even like how Reggie Hudlin managed to “keep it real’ and touched on some of the RACISM that goes on in the south. He also touched on the government’s response or lack of response to the the victims of Katrina. This Black Panther comic makes for a great read and I encourage any fan of BP to find/buy/pick up this book.

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