Bast-The Panther God

First Appearance: Black Panther (limited series) #4, October 1988

Created by: Peter B. Gillis

Powers and Abilities: Bast possesses superhuman strength, power, agility and longevity.  She also has the ability to grant a portion of her power to others. She can also shape shift into a variety of forms most notably a large white cat, a large black panther or a humanoid panther hybrid most often black.


Bast was worshiped in ancient Egypt as the god of pleasure, dancing, and music. Eventually however Bast came to be known to the people of the nation of Wakanda sometime before the Vibranium Meteor fell to earth. Under the leadership of Bashenga, Bast became the most worshiped god in the Wakandan region. She became the patron deity of Wakanda judging the worthiness of all who wished to lead the nation as Black Panther. She also has her feline familiars guard the Heart shaped herb which grants superhuman abilities to those who ingest it.

Additionally Bast is the guardian of the Vibranium mound and all who seek to possess it must pass her tests.


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