Chanda/Slavery Age Black Panther (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Real Name: Chanda

Created by: Roy Thomas and Dave Hoover

1st appearance: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1, 1993

Nationality: Wakandan

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as a head of state

Relatives:T’Challa/Black Panther, Azzari the Wise, S’yan The Swift, T’chaka The Great, Shuri The Deadliest of The Species , JakaraT’shan, Bashenga (Descendants)

Skills and abilities: As a king of Wakanda he was trained from birth in a multitude of martial arts and combat styles both armed and unarmed.

Powers: After ingesting the heart shaped herb he was granted Superhuman physical characteristics such as enhanced strength, Speed, senses and vitality like all other black panther’s and a connection to Bast The Panther God.


Originally appearing in the Fantastic Four Unlimited series where he was the father of T’chaka. this would be his only appearance and reference for fifteen years when Reginald Hudlin re-imagined him for the first black Panther annual released in 2008.

Modern Version

The Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda during the rise of slavery  he chose a non involvement stance on stopping the slave trade because Wakanda would have lost its soul and been corrupted by going to war with the world.


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