Black Panther: Man without Fear #522 Review


As fear reigns outside T’challa and Foggy are trapped in a jail cell with thugs. T’challa‘s quickly dispatches them before they make bail. The American Panther remembers  his past and being literally “consumed” by hate monger. T’challa attacks their headquarters plays possum and when the lights go out, he attacks.

The Good

Cover- Striking image of the American Panther with a contrasting background.

Interior art- Arguably the best this series has looked so far.

Continuity- Liss continues to follow his own continuity so if you’ve been reading since Black Panther Man Without Fear#513 you should feel right at home.

The Bad

Boring– I wish this story was wrapping up this month because as bored as I am with the main fear itself storyline this periphery story is yawn inducing, god please let the next issue be better! Another trend I’m noticing with Liss, apart from Storm Hunter everything else drags on too long, pick up the pace please!

American Panther– Last issue I was excited at the prospect of who the American Panther was. This month…..lets say I’m staring to realize a trend here. Liss’s original villains start out on a good premise but never develop into fully realized multifaceted individuals. Don’t expect the next Magneto or Dr. Doom in terms of villain depth, the American Panther is just a big white dude with no substance 🙁 why is he dressed like a panther and not just in the American flag? no idea! and don’t expect that to be answered since next issue is the end of this fear itself tie in.

The Ugly

2.4/5 wake me up when this is over please 🙁


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