Skyman #2 Review

skyman #2

 Still trying to overcome his fear of flying after a plane crash that nearly killed him, Sgt. Eric Reid doesn’t have time for PTSD as the new Skyman! The superhero’s life isn’t made any easier by the confrontations with his handler and the shocking number of bugs plaguing his suit. And matters are made even worse as he discovers someone’s trying to sabotage the suit and smear his good name!


The Good

Cover- A simply gorgeous and striking image on the stands, as a Arabian inspire architecture of Cairo burns below Skyman and his striking Blue and White costume, with civilian in hand soars to the sky. I love it!

Art-Manuel Garcia’s art is better than last issue; it’s not as jagged or rough. Compared to DC and Marvel’s art it lacks certain smoothness but the inks and colors really do give it a unique look.

Story- Reid remembers a few years back when he was a pilot. In the present he saves a ship before taking a tour of Cairo. As he tours lieutenant Sharp dons the Skyman costume and completes’ a secret mission. Reid witnesses him flying away from as he rescues children from the burning building. Reid confronts Sharp and takes the Skyman costume

Action- The daring rescue by Reid and the ensuing explosion were darn well rendered. The later fight between the Reid and

Things to come- So after recruiting Reid to the Skyman program for “affirmative action” the program has then gone on doing assassinations. This is the type of “government conspiracy” that you can get quite a bit of mileage out of. Reid stealing the suit and going off on his own opens up even more possibilities.

Black Hero- The new Skyman is here and if the cover is to be believed he’s the titular star. Also worth noting is Reid being the second character of color to use crutches and have a back injury. The other being Silhouette.



The Bad

Art- While I do like the art when I asked my wife at a casual glance she thought it looked unfinished. It lacks a certain smoothness which would greatly enhance the overall package.

Cliché- yet another government conspiracy, have we not had enough of these already?


The Ugly

Skyman is well written and well illustrated providing a interesting story and protagonist. We give this issue a 3/5 Stars.

stars- 3 good


Val Zod and Earth 2: World’s End!

Earth 2 Worlds End

Earth 2: World’s End


Here’s something to look forward to from DC Comics in the coming months, “Earth 2: World’s End”! The art from the series seen above shows a clearly grown up Val Zod, the dark skinned Kryptonian coming into his own in the Earth 2 series by Tom Taylor and Paul Levitz. The series will be written by Tom Taylor and Paul Levitz, who currently write Earth 2 and Worlds’ Finest along with Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennet, and Mike Johnson on writing duties. Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqueira, and Tyler Kirkham will be the rotating artists for the weekly series.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited at the prospect of having more Earth 2 tales in my hand. I’m also digging the color scheme for Val Zod‘s superman costume.



What do you guys think?

Sound off below!

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[Source: Newsarama]

Savage Dragon #194 Review

Savage Dragon #194

Savage Dragon #194

  SAVAGE DRAGON: THE NEXT GENERATION! Malcolm Dragon has big shoes to fill. His father saved the world on a few occasions and kept Chicago’s notorious criminal organization the Vicious Circle at bay for decades — can the younger Dragon hope to live up to the legacy of his famous father? Not if the new nemesis Torment has anything to say about it! With a benevolent voice in one ear and a sadistic one in the other, he may just be the most conflicted killer of them all, and Malcolm Dragon is the only one standing in the path of this fearsome new foe!


The Good

Art-Erik Larsen outdoes himself this issue channeling classic Kirby in each and every panel. Ive heard a great many things about Larsen’s art, both good and bad. This issue is very good on every level. The choreography was tight, the details were present and he manages to both have a smooth finish while preserving some of his trademarked edge. I love it!

Life of a celebrity- Larsen creates a pretty interesting situation to Malcolm this issue with the groupies. It’s a testament to his more wholesome personality that he turned down the sexual favors on offer.

Humor- It was particularly hilarious how his friend went on and on about the Beyonce booty on offer. Good stuff Erik!

Story- A young Malcolm witnesses his “mother” get killed by a monster during a crisis. He is quickly whisked away by Mighty Man who reveals his mother is not dead and they have an emotional reunion. That Night, Malcolm overhears the truth that neither woman is his mother but instead other dimensional counterparts. In the present he battles Torment. At first the villain eludes him and he returns to his apartment where some groupies follow him back into action. Tremor attacks again and the women are killed angering Malcolm who thrashes the villain then flash fries him with his electric powers.

Black Hero- If you don’t know yet you need to get into Malcolm Dragon! One of the freshest superheroes out from Image comics right now!

Cover- I glossed over it last issue but the new logo for this book has a letter man jacket kind of feel presumably because Malcolm is in High School. It’s simple but has allot of underlying meaning. The cover also harkens back to a time when covers actually had something to do with the story inside. This is vintage 90′s and I’m digging it to the core.

Action- It’s been awhile since I read a comic where there was an all out knock down drag out fight like this one. I loved it! Every destructive and well rendered blow! This is the stuff the 90’s were made off and Larsen gives it to us like it’s 1992. I freaking love it! All you action junkies out there you need to get into Savage Dragon right now.


The Bad

Throwback feel- The 90′s feel may put some off.

Art- Erik Larsen’s art is an acquired taste allot like Rob Liefeld and Todd Mcralane, if your not a fan stay away.

Background- Honestly to truly understand the flashback you would have to be a Savage Dragon veteran a wiki can only put so much into context unless you actually read the tale. This is disappointing since it would have nice to have this new lease on Savage Dragon be accompanied by a fully accessible tale to new readers.



The Ugly

Overall I enjoyed the whole issue. Great art, cover, story with a knock down drag out battle straight from the 90′s! Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon the next generation rocks! 3.5/5 Stars

stars- 3.5

Mighty Avengers (2013) #9 Review


Mightyavengers2013 #9


 The Blue Marvel faces a nightmare from the depths of the Neutral Zone – and the depths of his past!

Meanwhile, Ronin can’t hide from the Deathwalkers any longer……or from the readers!

This ish – the mask comes off!


The Good

Art- Greg land has taken time off the last few issues to clearly put together this gorgeous issue. There are a few hiccups but for the most part this is a good looking book (Yeah I said that about Greg Land’s art).

Story- Ronin talks with Kaluu in his safe house before being attacked by Ninja Were-snakes. In the battle the safe house explodes. Elsewhere the unstable Kevin Brashear puts the whole world in danger. Blue Marvel is unable to do anything about the situation

Black Heroes- Blade is revealed as Ronin (gasp), Blue Marvel makes an appearance and Monica Rambeau continues to be used to great effect!

Action- Rampaging She Hulk enhanced by Monica Rambea vs Out of control Kevin Brashear was pretty damn cool!

Cover- This issue’s cover touts “Ronin Revealed”, it has the new Ronin taking off his mask in front of shocked Monica Rambeau, Falcon, Power Man and Ava Ayala.

Tragedy- This issue makes Blue Marvel move up a couple places on my favorite Black Superheroes list. Like Monet St. Croix before him Blue Marvel has powers that should seemingly make him another Superman clone which is the equivalent of being neigh omnipotent and boring to boot. Instead of dear stale Clarke however Blue Marvel is humanized by the tragedies in his life like Monet. His failure as a father, his retreat from public life as a superhero, his failure to save his wife, all these things makes him a very emotionally resonant character. His strained relationship with Max Brashear, Max’s rebellion against a father who couldn’t save his mother or brother, the loss of his favorite son in Kevin and then the nail in the coffin Kevin’s unstable arrival and having him lost again. When Adam Brashear shed’s a tear this issue I want to shed one right alongside him.

Team- The escape of Monica Rambeau and She Hulk was awe inspiring stuff! I would never have thought of it but it makes perfect sense in retrospect.



The Bad

The reveal- This could have been an issue to create waves and set the internet on fire the same way Bendis reveal of Echo as the original Ronin instead this was spoiled so long ago I can’t help but wish it was someone else under the mask just to get a touch of shock or excitement.



The Ugly

Mighty Avengers #9 is an emotional, action packed, deliciously rendered tale, we give it 4.5/5 stars

stars- 4.5

Iron Patriot #1 Review

Iron Patriot 01 (1)

This March, peel back the layers of Colonel James Rhodes in IRON PATRIOT #1 – the all-new series from critically acclaimed writer Ales Kot and fan-favorite artist Garry Brown! Who is the man in the armor? What drives him? James Rhodes may have quit the Secret Avengers, but that’s not going to stop him from bringing the fight to the bad guys from inside the Iron Patriot armor! But his heroism will come with a steep price…


The Good

Family- I enjoyed the moments between James, his father and his niece.

Black Hero- James Rhodes is back in the saddle but this time as the Iron Patriot.

New Mission- James is no longer on kill missions but is now a symbol of American peace. That’s cool I guess.

Opening- The best part of the entire issue was the foreshadowing that James Rhodes will have a close to death situation involving an enemy in a power suit. It set a dark and somber mood in the first few pages.



The Bad

Cover- Not feeling it on any level, if my supplier hadn’t suggested I try this book the cover alone would have sent me to the hills and away from this issue.

Art- Biggest problem has to be how young James Rhodes appeared throughout the issue. I don’t get this recent trend at marvel. First it was New Warriors 2014 and now Iron Patriot.

Boring- While the opening was great everything else was just plain dull and lifeless on every possible level.


The Ugly

I was eager to read this issue since its release had received no fan fare whatsoever and I was curious why. Having read the entire thing I must say it’s terribly dull on every possible level. Will I stick around? Hard to tell at this point, if things don’t pick up in the next four or five issues and in a major way I won’t be sticking around. This issue gets 2/5 stars

stars- 2

President Superman returns in Multiversity


The President is back!

It’s time to return to Earth 23 with  Grant Morrison in the upcoming multiversity series coming to DC Comics later this year. Morrison has dropped many hints over the years in regards to the upcoming series but these details from Newsarama are the most interesting to us:


the Superman from #9 [Action Comics] from Earth-23″ is “the lead character in Multiversity.”

The Superman from Earth-23 has dark skin, hailing from an island on Krypton, which essentially makes him a black version of the character. In a nod to U.S. President Barack Obama, this Earth-23 Superman has a secret identity on Earth of Calvin Ellis, president of the United States. The character first appeared in Final Crisis #7, but he got his own post-New 52 reboot adventures in Action Comics.

A DC comic to pick up other than Earth 2 and Green Lantern Corps? Yes please!

Are you excited about Grant Morison’s Mutliversity and the return of president Superman?


Sound off below

More as it breaks!

[Source: Newsarama]

Batwing #30 Review


 Batwing races Menace to attempt to save his family! But the Gotham Underground is about to boil over with anarchy, and no matter which tribe rises up from below Gotham City, Batwing will be the first target!


The Good

Art- It’s been well established already that Eduardo Pansica’s art is consistent, sharp, clean yet detailed and well suited to the high octane action.

Story- Luke escapes from the subterranean fish monster. He rescues a man from the “speaker heads”. After bartering his way into a disguise he is lead into an ambush under the pretense that he’s getting info on his sister’s location. He manages to capture the leader of the Anubis gang “Mother of Anubis”. Before he can escape he runs straight into Menace. Back in Gotham Lucius is losing his mind with Luke and Tiff missing and Tamara now comatose. Batman however can’t find Luke because of the cloaking technology present in the subterranean underworld.

Action- Batwing vs. subterranean fish monster? Check! Batwing vs. the Anubis gang? Check! There was also a brief skirmish between some prisoners and the Speaker heads. As usual Batwing manages to have a great balance of story and action. Eduardo Pansica’s art continues to do an excellent job of rendering the action.

Culture- I’m still fascinated by everything about this underground world has going on. None of it is terribly original but the way everything fits together is interesting; Slavery, rival gangs, microcosms etc.

Black Hero- Luke Fox is still alive and literally kicking this issue (thankfully). The battle raging inside Luke continues though, the anger over what happened to his sister is very close to the surface yet he does need his brain and wits to stay alive in this city. Lucius is the panicking father and given his current situation is entirely understandable. Tiff, baby of the Fox clan is a fiery as always but understandably freaking out about the situation in which she currently finds herself.

Villains- Menace finally comes face to face with Batwing and I would kill to learn more about Mother of Anubis.


The Bad

Cover- While it’s not a bad illustration the departure from the typical stylized covers we’ve seen thus far is a bit jarring.


The Ugly

Overall this was an enjoyable read with good art, characterization and action though it lacked the emotional resonance of the last few issue. We give this one 3/5 stars!

stars- 3 good




Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Papa Bear

Publisher: Aspen MLT

Created by: Michael Turner and J. T Krul

1st appearance: Soulfire v1. #3, 2005

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations:

Legal Status:Unknown

Height: 6’5″     Weight: 240 lbs 

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Skilled fighter and electronic engineer.

Powers: Part Flesh, part machine. Being part machine Benoist can become one with mechanical creations and weapons, this allows him greater range and control far beyond that of any other being.

He also shares great capability with his vehicles, being able to travel and fly in unusual contraptions which only he can usually pilot. He has knowledge of almost every metal in existence, there is very little in the way of machine or armored defense that Benoist cannot build or undo. His cyborg parts also grant him superhuman strength [Soulfire Preview 2003].

After his upgrade he is now techno-organic after being infused  with magic. This allows him to fly under his own power and morph his techno parts into any shape desired he is now seemingly stronger and more durable than before [Soulfire v4, #4]


As a young man he used to work for Rainer Industries. He possessed prodigious talents in the art of making machines. He joined simply to have access to the resources necessary to test his brain but found something far more sinister. Rainer had been using him and those like him to build a weapon to enslave mankind. Unfortunately for Benoist he was discovered and caught. Taken to Rainer himself he had both arms ripped off. They they had a “falling out” which resulted in him being thrown from the 139th floor of the building [Soulffire v1 #3 and Aspen Comics Presents-Benoist]. Both legs were lost in the fall and he should have died but he was found by Gabriel a prodigy in the fields of engineering and cybernetics. Gabriel healed his mind and his body not only be crafting him new limbs but showing him that losing his limbs didn’t mean that he lost his soul [SoulFire v2 #2]. Gabe could only do so much however as Benoist fell into self loathing and drinking. It was the love pf the fairy Lyra who truly set him on his path to recovery in mind and body [Aspen Comics Presents-Benoist]. It is suggested that some time later she died [Soulfire v1#4].

The Champion

Benoist is the grand champion of the battle pit; an arena where they hold high tech competitions that are broadcast on the net, the location changes for each event to keep government censors of their back. He met Grace and company when they tried to contact Randolph Jenkins about “alternative transportation” to Hawaii. When he realized rainier was involved he joined their cause [Soulfire v1 #3].

He aided their campaign [Soulfire v1 #3-9] and saved pj’s life after his arm was severed by creating a cybernetic arm like his own for him [Soulfire v1 #10]. The two now have a mentor and student relationship [Soulfire v2 #0]. While visiting ‘the eighth continent’ the largest junkyard in the world off the coast of Australia to visit Gaberiel he ran amok of Jakobi who had taken control of the continent [Soulfire v2 #1]. When he infiltrated the complex to try and see his friend he realized that Jakobi had been keeping his mentor in a comatose state to claim leadership of the Junkyard because as his right-hand man he would be leader in his absence [Soulfire v2 #2-3]. When Pj staged a rescue attempt Jakobi tried to have him killed. Benoist escaped revealed Jakobi’s treachery and ended the threat. Upon realizing Gabe had suffered irreparable brain damage he was the one to unplug life support so he could die in peace [Soulfire v2 #4]. Alongside his friends they battled Rainer and his techno organic monsters [Soulfire v2 #5-9].

Later he participated int he battle against Onyx and met Miya [Soulfire v3. 1-8].


When Grace is corrupted by evil he is severely injured when saving his friends [Soulfire v4. #3]. To save his life they infused his body with Magic but it had an unexpected side effect. The Cybernetics raged with the organics and magic initially endangering his friends. After a time however the three stabilized and his wounds healed. Benoist was reborn and more power than before [Soulfire v4. #4]. He used these new abilities to aid his friends in battling the corrupted Grace and eventually freeing her [Soulfire v4. #5-8].



Publisher: Aspen MLT

Created by: J. T Krul and Micah Gunnel

1st appearance: Aspen Showcase- Benoist #1, 2008

Nationality: American

Legal Status:Unknown

Height: 5’5″     Weight: 150 lbs 

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Lyra is a member of the Faye race and as such has insect like wings that sprout from her shoulder blades granting her flight. She also has peak human attributes in the areas of sight, smell, healing, and agility. Her other magical abilities are unknown.


 Lyra’s past is shrouded in mystery. She came to the world of man and after meeting Benoist in a bar after his limbs had been amputated [Aspen Showcase- Benoist #1, 2008]. Helping him with his recovery mentally they apparently fell in love. It is suggested by Benoist that she died at some point.

Is Mario Gully heading back to Image Comics?!

Troubled superstar creator/Artist Mario Gully aka O.M.G is back at it again and this time with Dirty Bones:



New Bark City, Growlsville. This is an epic tale of a mutt by the name of Rover – an ex “Gangster” that gave up his life on the streets to embark on a quest of self discovery while standing up against the segregation between the mutts and the pedigrees. Rover quickly finds out that life in the city has changed as Dirty, the notorious “BIG DAWG”, has taken control of New Bark City by force and is now fighting a vicious turf war with Madam Kitty for ultimate power. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and no animal is safe in this adventure of romance, gangsters, tommy-guns, fast cars and flea bitten varmints! DIRTY BONES, where every dog has it’s day!

Written and illustrated by: Mario “O.M.G” Gully (comic book pro: Marvel Comics, Arcana Studios, and creator of “Ant” published by Image Comics)

Colored by: Thomas Mason (“X-Men #1 20th anniversary edition by Jim Lee”, “Guarding the Globe by Robert Kirkman (“Walking Dead”), Spawn #200 cover by Rob Liefeld (X-Force) and Todd McFarlane)

Executive Produced by: Luke Whitehead (Entertainment Manager and Founder Mixed Nation)



Mario Gully for those who may have missed out on his very interesting life came to public attention when he published ANT a superhero series about the 1/2 Black, 1/2 white girl with dreams of becoming a superhero. We enjoyed it thoroughly! In fact you can check out the review here, we gave the opening issue 4/5 stars for gorgeous art and an emotionally gripping story. Ant we should also mention was created by Mario while he was in Jail.

Recent happening had Mario avoiding jail time thanks to a judge who was a comic fan, selling ANT to Erik Larsen who now runs Image comics, having a public spat with Erik later on about a “questionable” art piece which was to be included with an issue of Ant which tied up a whole bunch of plot holes in the original run of the series, re-branding himself O.M.G, teasing Bug which he is co-creating with his eldest daughter and then launching Dirty Bones on Kickstarter.

It’s a mouthful I know, but as a fan of Mario Gully who I may also add is a seriously underrated talent I think it essential that you understand where he’s coming from. I love me an underdog story and Mario is as you’ll realize by googling him is a controversial, polarizing personality with his own thoughts and ideas about everything; we actually liken him to Milestone comics Michael Davis.

A few days ago Mario posted the Image logo to his facebook profile (April 9) and while his Dirty Bones kickstarter was unsuccessful in reaching its goals the posting of the logo got his fans in a tizzy. When asked if Dirty Bones was coming to Image Comics he has this to say:

“I can’t say anything as of yet.”

He went on to say:

I wanna thank the Dragon for being a better man then I have ever been!

The ‘Dragon’ he mentions is clearly Erik Larsen creator of Savage Dragon and his statement also alludes to the public spat they had awhile back. Mario also doesn’t explicitly state Dirty Bones will be published by Image Comics saying he has “something he’s excited about in the pipes at Image” (April 10). On the same day a fan asks him outright if Dirty Bones will be an Image book now. On April 13 Mario responded:

We haven’t even talked to a publisher yet about this book.

I’m just finishing issue #1

That Image deal is a totally separate thing I’m doing.

Despite this however it has not stopped one website from already congratulating Mario on Dirty Bones going to Image Comics. Mario meanwhile continues to say he did not say it was happening.

Regardless of Mario Gully’s Dirty Bones project however we are quite pleased with whatever development may be brewing between himself and Image Comics, it also doesn’t hurt that himself and Erik Larsen are back on good terms. Whether the unpublished issue of  Ant ever sees the light of day or Mario drawing a new or established series for Image Comics we are happy that this talented artist will get a second chance at being the super star we know he can be!


More as it breaks.  


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