Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #524 Review

Background- At the end of Shadowland Daredevil left hell’s Kitchen after being corrupted by “the Hand” he was defeated by a conglomerate of New York’s Superheroes including Luke Cage’s Avengers and Misty Knight’s Heroes for Hire among others. He left Hell’s Kitchen in the capable hands of T’challa of Wakanda who wished to test himself after the disastrous events of Doomwar. The Kingpin of Crime took over the control of the Hand with Daredevil deposed. Now Black Panther and Kingpin cross paths!  


Black Panther like everyone in New York has been infected by the Spider-Island virus and has six arms. He witnesses “Overdrive” steal something from the Shadowland Complex and flee. He follows and fights Lady Bullseye. He rescues the stolen goods….a little girl. Who reveals that Kingpin has plans for Wakanda.


The Good

Characterization- T’challa’s skills and brains continue to be highlighted which is a joy to behold.

Obscure- Overdrive is Lame there I said it! BUT Liss made good use of this relatively new and unknown villain.

Set up-I won’t get my hopes up but the inevitable clash between the hand lady bullseye etc vs T’challa could be fun IF handled correctly!

The Bad

Tie inBlack Panther in yet another marvel event tie in? Oh Jesus!

Shadowland– Comic book logic is a stretch but we are made to believe that the heroes defeated daredevil and left his stronghold still standing and vacant so Kingpin could take up shop there? Right!


The Ugly

Sometimes I seriously wonder why I’m still here……2.5/5


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