New Avengers (2013) #4 Review

new avengers 2013 #4 (1)

The Illuminati have learned that Earth is the center point for the death of the Universe.
If this is true, doesn’t that mean destroying it might save everything else?
Enter the world eater, Galactus.

The Good

Cover- This one is both ominous and gorgeous at the same time. Galactus the world eater looms in the background shrouded in shades of red and black, eyes luminous while our would be world saviors ‘the new Illuminati” seem like gnats before his majesty.  This is my favorite cover of March 2013!new avengers 2013 #4 (5)

The alternate cover lacks the poignancy of the original but looks good. We have Black Swan hovering in the center of the many alternate earths and two crashing into each other right in front of her. As I said it looks good.

Foreboding- Jonathan Hickman (scream). With that out of the way I must say the exchange with Terrax was frightening to say the least. Hickman loves to say the obvious in a rather coded manner so I’m expecting the proverbial $hit to hit the fan soon enough as our heroes literally scramble to save or world. This issue he alludes to Galactus coming for Earth to end any future possible incursions and a great many other things/beings who are more than willing and able to do the same. That adds universal threat and a world type to the Illuminati’s other problems of clashing egos and the incursion event itself.

Also Dr Strange makes a bold decision in regards to saving the world and using suicidal black magic. new avengers 2013 #4 (4)I may also be reading too much into this but wasn’t that the Time gem which appeared in his hand? The same gem which disappeared last issue? See New Avengers (2013) #3 for details on that.

Options- I’m enjoying having all these big brains on one team. So many options to all problems Tony has his angle with alien technology, Black Panther and Mr. Fantastic have recreated the Black Swan’s technology while Dr Strange plans a suicide run, good times!

Art- Steve Epting‘s art is awesome, especially his Black Panther. That first shot of T’challa and the bomb would make a perfect poster! Equally as stunning are the, oh so complimentary inks of Rick Magyar, simply yummy! Don’t even get me started on our colorist Frank D’Armata who knows just the right hue and shade to vividly evoke every single scene. The incursion is bathed in a hue of pink, beast’s eyes glow a luminescent yellow, Black Panther’s Blue while Stark’s space station are bathed in pure sunlight. Everything looked great!

Back Hero- T’challa my man is front and center and gets cool banter alongside Reed, Hickman uses hi much like Batman during Grant Morrison’s Justice League him being the quite thinker while everyone does all the chatting. I’m also digging how Hickman makes T’challas race a literal none issue, which is something Hudlin, Liss and Mayberry wore on the character’s sleeve.

The Bad

AVX I’m still waiting for Namor to exhibit some after effects from the Avengers Vs. X-men event.  Everyone was affected, Emma, Cyclops, Colossus and Magneto lost control of their powers, Magik’s abilities were enhanced… Namor was unaffected? Seriously?!

Action- Sorry boys and gals you’ll need to get your fisticuffs elsewhere, the only action we get takes place on the very last page.

The Ugly

I am simply enamored by Jonathan Hickman right now, We have a taste of things to come, breathtaking art and the Illuminati all taking drastic steps to save the planet regardless of what may become of them. I also love how different the book feels from Hickman’s other offering in Avengers (2013). Hickman’s New Avengers is a must read for the more cerebral comic reader 4.5/5

stars- 4.5


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  • March 24, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Just not feeling T’Challa joining this team with all the pressure of a fallen Wakanda and a failed marriage in the back of his mind aaannnd the white guy that’s responsible is right in front of him. Whoa! That sounds familiar to what black people are living with today!

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