Doomwar #6 Review

Doomwar #6 – Doomwar, Conclusion

Doctor Doom has become the most powerful force on planet earth. He’s fought the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, two Black Panthers, and Deadpool to a standstill, and left a trail of death and destruction behind him. Now it all comes down to a bloody battle at the border of Latveria – a battle that will decide the fate of the world.If you think you know how this is all going to end- you don’t.


In the present Doom stands poised to Kill T’challa.

Hours before they go over the plan Shuri is upset T’challa did not confer to her before sending in Deadpool and the Midnight Angels.

In Wakanda Declun tells Doom that he has lost hundreds of Billions of dollars thanks to Shuri and her team. Doom says it matters not for he has finished his plans. He connects his new armor to a device which connects him to every piece of processed Vibranium in the world. Deadpool send the video footage back to T’challa and his team.doomwar#6 3

All the field teams wrap up their enemies and Shuri has found a way to deal with Dom without invading thus declaring open War.

Doom connects with all the processed Vibranium and takes control of it reanimating it everywhere. On Utopia we see magneto and Gentle , in the white house Obama etc.

Everyone of note calls T’challa in Wakanda since this ‘attack’ links back to him. They all think he may be the source when he explains it to them and asks for help no one will. Stark tells him to Stop him at all costs.

Shuri brings everyone to the nation bordering Wakanda for diplomatic reasons. The midnight angels leader and her team launch their attack against Doom along with Deadpool destroying his machines. Shuri contacts him and challenges him at the border of his country. His pride causes him to go despite it being a trap and Declun warning him.

He goes with his army and T’challa gives him one last chance to give it back he refuses and the two teams fight. The Panther and allies are outnumbered and losing fast. Doom and T’challa wrangle and Doom chides him and his nation for hording the Vibranium but not using it for anything worthwhile he even questions what would they be without it.

T’challa stands defiant knowing eh has returned stronger for seeming death and also been made stronger. He reveals a switch which using Doom’s new armor linked to all the processed Vibranium destroys it by way of rendering it useless. Defeated and shocked Doom falls to his knees. Shuri them warns him not to attack her people again or else he will be killed and Storm destroys the last of his new Doombots. They all return to Wakanda and start rebuilding.

The Good

This was a very satisfying and unexpected end to the Doomwar series. A very satisfying read. This is the first Black Superhero focused event Ive ever read and it was well written and illustrated, I applaud Mabery work, I will be following hi comic book writing from now on.

This issue saw Doom finally lay all his cards on the table and since logic meant T’challa would not destroy the processed Vibranium then he thought he had won. Here again we see Dooms one true enemy raise its head once again ‘Pride’. He’s always been a fascinating character when done right but its always the same he loses because hes so confident and lofty. This Story puts Doom in a new position globally as well with all his losses…as long as future writers acknowledge this story 🙂

The art was great and had all the right poses and gestures along with the complimentary colors.

The best part of this story for me was the new technology developed by T’challa which incorporates Magic and Science. Here it proves stronger than the processed Vibranium it will be interesting since he will no longer be the “Black Panther” lets see if the next writer uses or discards this new layer of his character.

The issue also served a dual purpose to leave Shuri in charge of Wakanda and Black Panther while leaving T’challa open for new things such as setting up shop in Black Panther: Man Without Fear.

The Bad

The battle with Doom was a bit anti-climatic

Storm didn’t get a chance to flash fry Doom after everything he did to her.

The loss of Vibranium will not be loved by allot of readers and fans since it defined the Black Panther Mythos.

Hardly any panel time given to the recuperation of the nation and what will happen to the marriage of T’challa and Storm who I would think need to have a long sit down about where the hell they are going as a couple.

The Ugly

There aren’t many comics that give me goosebumps but this one did. All I can say is this is a bold new Lease on the Black Panther Mythology and I can’t to see where it goes 5/5

stars- 5


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