Storm vol.2 #5 Review

For Ororo and T’Challa, things are about to go from bad to worse. As the bond between them continues to grow in unforeseen ways, tensions simmer to the boiling point in the camp of the men who are hunting them. To say that the De Ruyter brothers aren’t seeing eye to eye is to put it mildly. The outcome of their power struggle will have grave repercussions for Ororo and T’Challa. True Believer, you won’t want to miss this key issue of the limited series that tells the untold love story between Marvel’s two pre-eminent Black super heroes — Storm and the Black Panther!


The brothers make plans to capture Ororo and lock her in a vibranium coffin. T’challa and Ororo wake up together and make plans to bathe and travel together despite him being a prince and her being a thief. At the river she is knocked unconscious and placed in the box. T’challa is attacked by Bull who only wins because T’challa drops his guard while trying to save ororo. They place the coffin the helicopter with Kenja who seduces one of the guards in order to enact revenge on the trapped Ororo. She knocks the guard unconscious and grabs his knife and prepares to kill Storm.


The Good

Cover-At this point it’s a safe bet that the covers are consistently awesome. This one shows the villain “Bull” about to kill Prince T’challa while Ororo screams close by.

Who was the wind rider?- This issue poses another interesting twist on the bloodline of Ororo Munroe. The brother poachers who have a vibranium container to control a wind rider say their father once tracked a wind rider when they were children. Curious and interesting since the last known powered women of Ororo’s blood line are the sorceress supreme from Egypt Ashake and the hyborian age Ayesha. We also know that Ororo’s mother N’dare had no power and her grandmother was also not a windrider. That leaves the only plausible wind rider being her great grandmother……this has never been explored the mythology of the Kenyan royals who’s distinguishing traits are blue eyes, white hair and control of the weather. It also suggests a wind rider operating in the time that T’chaka or his father Azzari operated as Black Panther. The ties between these families may well be far more intertwined than originally thought. Nice Easter egg but sadly there was no follow through

Villains– I’m a sucker for a healthy interaction that adds depth to my characters and here Eric Jerome Dickey gives the sibling rivalry a go between the far more imposing Bull and his little brother who is the “brains” of the family. We also get to understand why they are after Ororo, since their father had hunted a wind rider in their youth. It also notes their father’s theft of quite a bit of Vibranium from Wakanda.

Art- David Yardin continues to shine on art duties with convincing emotions and cool action scenes.

Story- With one issue to go the action takes center stage as the connection and love between Storm and T’challa comes full circle. Revenge, blood, and love make this one of my favorite Storm tales besides X-men Worlds apart.

The Bad

Some may be put off by Ororo’s reaction to her first sexual encounter lol

The Ugly


stars- 4 very good


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