Stormhunter- The Black Panther & Kraven clash!!!

News just in thanks to Newsarama is that Storm the beautiful African goddess and Queen of Wakanda will be showing up in the Black Panther: Man without fear series in a two part story-line called “Storm Hunter”. Excited? Not particularly, especially since Bianchi’s cover work; which is perfect for T’challa; has the hideous Mad max thunder dome inspired Storm costume from his run as regular artist on astonishing x-men (HATE THE COSTUME!)

Black Panther: Man without fear #519

Fans can look forward to a clash between T’challa and the recently resurrected Kraven the Hunter. There’s nothing much to the interview really….but here’s an interesting quote.

Nrama: Also, it looks like this is actually the first fight between the two characters, who seem like a rather natural pairing. So is there perhaps somewhat of a special feeling of responsibility in writing their first interactions?

Liss: I agree that there is something natural, almost inevitable, about bringing these characters together, and I was a bit surprised to learn that they’d never fought before. Both of these characters have been through some hard times in recent times, so it seems like the right time. Like with any other story, we want to get things right, but certainly we wanted to give this arc the feeling of something spectacular that takes real advantage of Jefte’s awesome style.

Check out the whole interview at Newsarama

Please note Newsarama and David Liss, T’challa kicked Kraven’s ass royally during the Priest run specifically Black Panther #6.

N.B: T’challa has clashed with Alyosha but not with Sergei both have operated under the alias of “Kraven the hunter” 😛


~*Update: Read Black Panther man without Fear #519 and Black Panther Man Without Fear #520 for the whole Story!*~


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