Infinity #6 Review

Infinity#6 0All roads lead to this!

The over-sized conclusion of the Marvel Summer event!

The heroes of Earth versus the forces of Thanos!

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The Good

Cover– Minimalist sure but deeply symbolic! We have the silhouette of the Avengers mounting a flag with their symbol on a planet, presumably earth while the stars are exaggerated above head to give it some dramatic effect.Infinity#6 2

Consequences– Annihilus now has a foothold in mainstream Marvel, he has his own planet. The Skrull Empire is reborn with the super skrull as the new emperor; On Hala the Kree have plans for war. The Shiar make plans to expand their ranks, Thane and Ebony Maw are free in the universe and the Ex-Nihili reunites on whaan to build a paradise.

Action– Sweet, glorious action! Thanos shows his formidable might by brushing aside both Thor and Hulk. Corvus and Proxima meanwhile cut through the Avengers like a hot knife through butter. I’m not even going to mention Ebony Maw’s suicidal bid against the Illuminati and how Maximus saved the day.

The IlluminatiT’challa and the crew grab another potential weapon in their bid to save creation, the frozen Thanos and Proxima Midnight.

Inhumanity- Black Bolt and Maximus plan to remain ‘dead’ and leave a beacon at the original site of Attitlan for a new Inhuman king to find.

ConclusionINFINITY came to a spine tingling conclusion this issue as we finally learn what other power he had. Living death is an interesting concept especially since it stayed far from the zombie cliché.

Black HeroesBlack Panther was here kicking ass and taking names, Eden Fesi took command in space and Nightmask  helped Starbrand save earth. Good times all around!

The Bad

No complaints from me

The Ugly

It’s hard to complain about Infinity #6, the dialogue is beautifully interwoven with exposition. The pacing is perfect. There is a Deus Ex machine moment at the end but Hickman has been setting that up since the series began. This is a fitting end to a simply epic event! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent


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