Reginald Hudlin (Writer)

Date of Birth: December 15, 1961

Before comics

Reginald Hudlin was a comic loving geek who grew up in Centreville, Illinois. Reggie’s favorite superheroes were the Black Panther and Spider-Man. After High School he attended the prestigious Harvard where he studied film and directing. His movie House Party was based on his Harvard film school these making him one of the few film students to launch a successful film career right off the bat.

After the success of House Party he went on to direct “Boomerang” Starring Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, ‘The Great White Hype” starring Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Berg, Damon Wayans,and Jamie Fox,” The Ladies Man” starring Tim Meadows and  ”Saving Sarah” starring  Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley.

Comic career

Reggie entered the world of comics in 2005 as series writer for what was supposed to be a Black Panther limited series. The success of the opening arc “Who is the Black Panther” lead marvel to turn the series into an ongoing.  His run was marked for having mixed reviews and reception from fans though to his credit he had the highest single issue sales in Black Panther History (see detailed info on our sales figures page) and even at it’s lowest it sold more than the lowest of Christopher Priest’s run.

Other notable comic writing credits include “Marvel Knights: Spider-Man”, “Black Panther and Captain America: Flags of our fathers” and “Black Panther: Deadliest of the species

Other Notable accomplishments

Reggie was also the first President of Entertainment for BET(Black Entertainment Television) from 2005-20009. The strength of his Black Panther run lead to a six episode one season spanning BET motion comic series based on “who is the Black Panther”.

Reggie has directing credits on “Everybody hates Chris” and the “Bernie Mac show”. He also has a “Glyph fan award for Best Comic” in 2007.


Read our indepth interview with Reggie as we discuss all things Black Panther

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  10. He’s definitely my favorite writer and producer when it comes to black characters in comics and movies.

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