Epic Cosplay

This week in Epic Cosplay! Batwing David Zavimbe comes out of retirement, Miles Morales and All New Captain America strike a pose,Cyborg is ready for action and Dreadlocks takes flight. All this and a gender bender Black Cat and a race swap Rogue that will forever change your life! Believe it!


Epic Cosplay

This weeks cosplay gallery serves up some body positive Cosplay with race swaps galore and Miles Morales, Storm, Black Panther and All New Captain America realness!?

Cosplaying while Black (12)

Cosplaying while Black

Gender bender Dhalsim, Luke Cage, Demona from Gargoyles, Aizan, Storm, black renditions of Psylocke, Sailor Moon, Joanna Dark and Powergirl? Cosplaying while Black is oh so beautiful!

Man of Steele Cosplay (10.1)

Man of Steel Cosplay

Tonight as the Man of Steel Movie starring Henry Cavil is all the rage across cyberspace we’re celebrating the movies release with some cosplay of ‘super” proportions! a variety of Supergirls, Superboys and Supermen heat things up on the eve of Father’s Day 2013!

Cosplay Madness (19)

Cosplay Madness

It’s all out madness in our latest gallery which feature a female Spawn, A picture perfect Luke Cage, Jade, Amazon, Nubia, Misty Knight and Blankman?! Oh Lordy!


Black Poison Ivy

It’s always cool when a cosplayer shines a different light on an established character and this black beauty OWNS poison Ivy! Like! Share! Comment!