Love: Black Superhero Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day and we are counting down our favorite Black superheroes in love. Sound off in the comments below let us know your favorite Black superheroes in love!

Calypso and Kraven the Hunter

When Kraven the hunter came to her land after he had given up the hunt, it was her lust and thrill of the hunt that reignited his fire. As his lover she tried to get him to resume his hunt of Spider-man and succeeded with a bit of deception. Given life by her appetite for the hunt he decided he must kill spider-man to be worthy of her love. Upon his suicide she spent years trying to resurrect him to no avail. What his return and rejoining with his family will mean for their future is currently unknown.

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vixen and tiger loveBronze Tiger and Vixen

After being rescued from the league of shadows and joining the Suicide Squad, Bronze Tiger; one of the greatest martial artists; began an ill fated romance with Vixen; the living embodiment of mother Africa; which burned fast and died quickly. Bronze Tiger’s mind was fragile at this time and as fate would have it his mind fractured and his “blood thirsty” personality would resurface putting strain on the relationship. Both managed to remain good friends after an amicable break up, now we may never know what could have been.

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Frostbite and Fairchild

Fairchild the leader of the 90’s success story Gen 13 was a literal sex kitten from the moment she landed on the scene. Frostbite was a bad boy former high school football star reminiscent of Denis Rodman. From the moment they laid eyes on each other things got hot and heavy. Despite being a different teams; Gen-13 and DV8; you were guaranteed some very steamy action. Where are they now? Hopefully they show up eventually in the new DCU.

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Misty Knight and Iron Fist

When Misty and Iron Fist first met it was a clash of fists and feet. While he defeated Misty they started up a long winded on and off relationship that lasted longer than even I would have expected. As both characters matured and Iron Fist’s friend Luke Cage wed Jessica Jones, Danny proposed to misty in an empty box of Chinese food. Not the most conventional proposal especially since they had recently moved in together and things were strained. The nail in the relationship coffin was when his powers caused her to experience a phantom pregnancy. He wasn’t ready for either the possibility of a child or being married, she was. Traumatized by her experience she eventually moved out of his apartment and the two have been living separate lives ever since. Danny is enjoyed the joys of casual sex while Misty has gotten closer physically and emotionally to teammate Paladin. Both still love each other so hope springs eternal for an eventual reconciliation.

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Threnody and Nate Grey

He was a man from another world; she was a woman on the run. Together Threnody and Nate found in each other what they were missing. Travelling together was full of high action and raging hormones. Romance wouldn’t last however as Madelyne Pryor seemingly killed Threnody leaving Nate feeling abandoned. She wasn’t dead however and by the time she tracked him down she had given birth to a child…which she kept secret from Nate. He later died but is now back in the pages of “New Mutants”. The big mystery from the 90’s to now has been, is Nate Grey the father of her baby? Hopefully one day we’ll get a definitive answer.

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Menace and Norman/Harry Osborn

Menace sprang up from the “Brand New Day” storyline and was pared with Harry Osborn. Her relationship with him seemed stable initially but she literally threw herself at best friend Peter Parker on numerous occasions. Harry proposed to her with his mothers ring and she accepted. Then all hell broke loose and she was revealed as Spider-man’s newest nemesis and was jailed. Harry was willing to work things through but turns out she was pregnant and now dating…..his father Norman Osborn. Long story short the baby was really Harry’s so she left it in his care and is now on the run. Talk about your soap opera romance!

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Cloak and Dagger

The quintessential dynamic duo, they have been together since forever. Their relationship has always been interesting since they have a mutual dependence on each other’s power. Were they ever in love or drawn together because of mutated genes? Both want different things out of life but each time they try to separate their powers draw them back together. Recently they drifted again and had their powers switched by Mister Negative and as fate would have it vowed to stay together…again because of dependence. What does the future hold? Your guess is as good as mine, “stuck like glue”.

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Frenzy and Cyclops

Making their unexpected debut in 2011 thanks to the reality warping powers of Legion son of Professor X. The long time X-men villain Frenzy was married to Cyclops who in this world was known as the Basilisk. The relationship was very S&M with allusion of further kink. When reality was put back in order they shared a finale kiss as they went their separate ways. This love and acceptance proved the catalyst to change Frenzy from dutiful villain to would be X-man.

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Amazing Man 2 and Maxima

Maxima was a space faring queen from the Almeracian Empire. With power to rival Superman she came to earth for the sole purpose of bearing his children. Over time she learnt the ways of earth and her fascination with Superman fizzled. After joining the justice league she started dating Amazing Man 2 the grandson of the original amazing man who was dedicated to the civil rights movement. The relationship was mostly physical but considering how fixated she was on “genetic potential” he may really have been pretty damn “Amazing Man”.

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Rapture and Savage Dragon

Provocative and totally NSFW was the whirlwind relationship of Rapture and Savage Dragon. The sexual imagery of these two really leaves very little to the imagination and later resulted in a son, Malcolm Dragon who has since taken over his father’s mantle.

Dig Deeper into Rapture Here!

reyes beats loveCecilia Reyes and Beast

Fan favorite coupling of the Puerto Rican born Cecelia Reyes and Beast first showed a glimmer way back in 1998 while both were members of the X-men. They flirted and grew close enough to even go on a date which was later crashed by supervillains. Recently Cecelia resurfaced showing she still carried a flame in her heart for beast as their picture still hung in a frame on her dresser and they have been secretly talking without the X-men’s knowledge. In the future of “X-men The End” they have three children Ciaran, Miguel and Francesca and are happily married.

Dig Deeper into Cecilia Reyes here!

Patriot and Hawkeye

These two met after the debut of the young Avengers right after the official Avengers were disbanded following the scarlet witch’s decent into madness and destroying said team. Patriot at the time was saving her from a hostage situation and immediately they had a clash of personalities. Needless to say she tagged along after that, getting mixed up in the Time lost kang situation and saved the team from being handed over in said situation. She adventured with the team and almost always had an awkward flirtation with Patriot.

It was on an actual date, which neither would admit to that they almost shared their first kiss. But as I said, awkward is there thing. It was during this time that Kate went on a date with Speed, one of the Scarlet witch’s sons. They shared a kiss and a theft (long story cut short) and she realized….she had feelings for Patriot. She rushed home wrapped her arms around him and planted what Sex and the city would call a “Hollywood kiss” on a brotha.  They now at least admit to a mutual chemistry but haven’t had to go much deeper since their currently embroiled in the “Children’s crusade”.

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Prodigy and Surge

Noriko Ashida was a homeless electric powered mutant with out of control powers. David Alleyne was a straight “A” student with the ability to absorb the knowledge and skills of nearby people. These two met after Noriko was given power inhibiting gauntlets by Forge. They both served on the New Mutants squad and grew close. After decimation; an event where most mutants lost their powers; they realized every moment was precious and confessed their mutual feelings. Together they witnessed the death of most of their student body, journeyed to hell and helped save a mutant messiah. Their love however caused Surge to worry for his safety since he was now human. To end the relationship she kissed his sworn enemy Hellion, emotionally scaring Prodigy who dumped her as he was unable to get over what she had done. Reconciliation may be a way off especially after schism split the x-men in two with both on different sides.

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Synch and Monet

Synch was an all American kid who was best friends with Fellow Generation-X member Jubilee who also had romantic feelings for him. Unfortunately both he and Jubilee were too coy to ever make the first move. Monet St. Croix was the confident and powerful sex kitten of the team; she liked Everett and went after him guns blazing. The two fell in love however briefly as he was the only person that Monet let her defenses down with, they even shared a psychic rapor. The life of a mutant teen is fraught with danger however and as fate would have it their romance ended when Synch sacrificed his life to save some mutant haters by throwing himself on a bomb. Monet hasn’t mentioned the relationship in years but she was deeply traumatized by his loss.

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Photon and Dr. Voodoo

This off kilter romance started not in Marvel Diva’s #1 but in Black Panther #13 by Reggie Hudlin where the black super team of Photon, Drumm, Blade, Luke Cage and Black Panther came together to fend off Vampires hell bent on taking over the ravaged New Orleans. They met here and though Drumm was never the ladies man to begin with. He managed to fumble his way through asking her out. They had a lovely if boring date but after some vampires attacked them on the way home, hormones took over and they shagged like bunnies. They were apparently going steady after this while he was being earth’s master of the mystic arts. He was then promptly killed off….

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Thunder and Grace Choi

Sparks flew immediately for these two, Grace an Asian red head with purple eyes is of Amazon descent with a gruff exterior and a body littered with Tattoos never seemed much like Thunder’s type….but then again we had no idea she was Bisexual. Grace would always tease the college girl and most thought it was because they were so different. Ms Choi also had another obstacle to jump before Thunder would give her the time of day. She was always sleeping with the men on her team and men in general. When Thunder’s father was framed for murder and locked in prison however Grace showed a softer side. A caring, emotional side which caused Thunder to take notice. Lets just say at this point Grace revealed she f***ed men but dated women. Despite the seeming stability of being with Thunder and caring for her deeply Grace has been known to still shag the occasional man. Ain’t love grand!

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Jezebel Jet and Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne notorious playboy thought he was playing the African supermodel Jezebel Jet little did he know she was a part of the “Black Hand” a group that literally brought him to the brink of madness or that’s what they thought! True to form Batman turned the tables on them and she went running…only to be beheaded by Talia Al Ghul. Ouch!

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Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

After Jessica Jones/Jewel quit Superheroics she met Luke Cage the street smart brawler with whom she shared a few adventures and a drunken one night stand. Once she discovered she was pregnant they decided to move in together for the child’s sake and surprisingly fell in love. Her pregnancy found them battling a time lost Kang and clashing and mentoring the young avengers. When Luke joined Captain America’s new Avengers however Luke proposed and they married in a grand wedding attended by many heroes. So out of this night of passion came the seeds of love!

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T’challa and Storm

Love is grand but the destined love of an African king and a Kenyan Princess, even more so! This love story started out as a tale of the prince and the pauper as an Orphaned Ororo Munroe fell in love with Prince T’challa of Wakanda while he was away from his country during his “walkabout”. His thirst for revenge eventually ended their brief brush with destiny, taking him back to Wakanda to reclaim the throne from Uncle S’yan and avenge his father’s death and lead her into the Serengeti where she became worshiped as a goddess. Their paths would cross many times after she became a member of the outlaw X-men and him an Avenger. They found themselves drawn together once more and they finally gave into the longing of their hearts. Quite easily the greatest wedding in comic book history followed, all hail the king and Queen of Wakanda!

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8 thoughts on “Love: Black Superhero Edition

  • January 19, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    I don’t find it coincidental that the vast majority of these black characters are in interracial relationships. And the one black couple relationship on this list (Storm-The Black Panther) created such a backlash in the comic book community that ended up with the characters divorced.

  • February 24, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    I agree with Najee,and I still can’t figure out why they would put a brother like Luke Cage who’s straight out the hood with a bossy white girl,and then after a one night stand she has his baby and they get married without much of a fuse from black readers?!? Wait,there’s more,Dr. Voodoo is killed before he and photon can come up and black panther and storm are broken down before they can come up and iron fist don’t want to be tied down to a sister and nick fury has a illegitimate son off a jump off with a sister and he’s even got a patch over the same eye like nick! Enough is enough! Use black writers for black characters otherwise we’re just going to continued to be disgraced and held down just like in real life. Dam,and comics is supposed to be our relief from all the unfair bullshit! Well Hudlin did try to set us with some black love but as you all can see by now white supremacy is alive and well even in cartoons and comics.

  • February 24, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Kill the off the white wife and the baby,put Luke with Shuri or misty or photon,move him to Africa with panther let him regain knowledge of self and find new life,give him the herbs to increase his powers,reunite storm and panther,bring back voodoo and bring in bishop and falcon and then now wakanda has new defenders of Africa and we’ll call them BLACK NATION! That’s what we want!!!…sorry guys I just got a little carried away.

    • February 24, 2013 at 5:10 pm

      No one said that black characters cannot be in interracial relationships. However, the comic books also should reflect some aspect of reality and in reality the vast majority of black people date and marry other black people (just like the vast majority of white people date and marry other white people).

      The fact that black couples (or for that matter, minority couples in general) are practically nonexistent in superhero comic books underscores the problem with the genre — it is created by and for white males who seem to be oblivious to other racial groups. It is ridiculous that it was considered radical to see a black superhero couple in 2010 when The Black Panther and Storm were married. It just shows me that the majority of the comic book creators evidently don’t know or interact with black people.

      • October 23, 2014 at 3:47 pm

        Agreed also killing off Jessica and Danielle would add to the “woman in refrigerators” thing and also the fact that most superheroes can’t be happy.

  • September 25, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Black characters to this day are unable to utilize a FRACTION of their potential as heroes in comics or shows, let alone part of a couple interracial or otherwise…sooo disappointing…and if writers would EVER be consistent with the characters true nature, Danny would NEVER leave Misty–no matter what..!


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