Fantastic Four #608 Review

The Nation of Wakanda is set on a path that will forever change its role in the Marvel Universe.

The Panther God chooses the fate of T’Challa, Who will be the Black Panther?


In the Wakandan City of the dead T’challa makes the choice of becoming his god’s Black Panther while his sister and company fend off Anubis in the spirit world. In the end Shuri is made Queen while T’challa’s new status is uncertain. 

The Good

New Status Quot– Ok this issue marks the expected upgrade of T’challa as Black Panther but not the way we expected. Bast in her infinite brilliance has left Shuri the reigning queen of wakanda. The black panther of wakanda while T’challa is made a free agent with seemingly upgraded powers and a slightly upgraded costume, loving that long batman-esque cape!

Cover- Sue Storm, Shuri and Ororo Munroe all together on this cover is very, very sexy and oh so appealing.

The future- I love the implementation of “visions” when done right that can lead to a killer payoff down the road. Just look at Green Lantern under Geof Johns, every few months there are new glimmers of “tomorrow” but that is used as the driving force behind a very successful series.  Mind you this foreshadowing of Wakanda in peril during the AVX event Is old news but what comes next….the compete unknown, that was pure gold!

Art- Courtesy of Giuseppe Camuncoli. Everything looks good, T’challa has a distinctive strong jaw line and Bast is literally a very sexy beast! I like it!

The Bad

The only way these last two issues were worth the investment is if Hickman launches a new Black Panther series because I can assure you the next writer will disregard everything that happen in this issue. Doomwar gave us shadow Physics tech but we all know that was ignored for whatever reason despite the cool factor and potential replacement it was for Vibranium. Comic con is gone with no good news for Panther fans, no movie and no new series announced 🙁 so let’s just wait until after AVX before finale judgment to judge whether “the juice was worth the squeeze”.

I also expect purists to cry foul that T’challa was asked to abdicate the throne to his sister, making him and his wife the prince and princess of Wakanda. and making Shuri Queen instead of simple “acting head of state/princess regent”.

To be continued- Fantastic Fur gets cancelled soon and I love me some Hickman but this two part story felt like a set up to future tales as opposed to a “one off, all encompassing tale”. That will turn some off I’m sure.

Guest star– Fantastic Four fans will be disappointed that the stars of the book are regulated to guest stars in their own series.

Background girl- Storm has mastered the art in the last few years of just existing like a beautiful statue in the background, this issue is much the same.

Threat– Last issue made the impending threat of Annubis and his forces seem like the worst thing to happen to Wakanda since Doom. This issue everything gets wrapped up so easily it was disappointing.


The Ugly

This issue is supposed to be a new status-quot for T’challa and I’m hoping it is but the threat or lack there off really diluted what turned out to be a cool side story in the nation of Wakanda 3/5

stars- 3 good


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