Black Panther: Man Without Fear #515 Review

For the fate of Hell’s Kitchen: T’Challa vs. Vlad the Impaler in a desperate rooftop battle of wills, wits and fists! ‘Urban Jungle’ heats up as Luke Cage guest-stars, friends fall, dark forces prepare to step from the shadows, and a dangerous conspiracy begins to unfold!


Vlad and T’challa tangle for a bit before he escapes. He then checks the hospital for his waiter who apparently fell to his death. The Waitress instigates she’s knows he’s the masked vigilante though she wont tell anyone. The female doctor confirms the boy has died. T’challa storms out and runs into Cage who still offers his help which T’challa again refuses. He gets allot of electronic equipment from the nearby stores and gets blindside by his Horny neighbor. He gets rid of her and goes to work on some new gadgets.

Vlad returns home where his son pleads constantly about needing powers like him so they can be unstoppable. Vlad refuses wishing for his son a normal life. His younger son is worried since his friends father died and he is now in foster care. His father tells him not to worry his family is the most secure in the city. At home his wife drinks her loneliness away until someone she knows arrives at the front door.

Vlads son meets with the doctor from the hospital with whom he has been working in secret to develop powers like his fathers. T’challa’s friend is not dead but is the first live test subject they have gotten who survived exposure to his fathers powers. One they are finished they will make the son even more powerful than the father.

Finished with his new tech T’challa checks on houses which sue massive amounts of electricity since he now knows Vlad needs to recharge. He locates the house and tracks it. He uses his new tries to take down the guards and rushes inside to find Vlads wife dead. Vlad then bursts in and sees him over his wife’s dead boy, he is furious!

The Good

The art seems to have taken a jump in how smooth it is making for some very cool moments like T’challa in the rain.

The choreography is also spot on with the fight transitioning seamlessly from one moment to the next. I was also great to see T’challa put his brain to paper and make some sweet new gadgets. I found it hilarious when some worked and others didn’t but that’s half the fun with a story like this one.

Great Writing- This tale woven by David Liss has me enamored….I hate T’challa being here but cant help but be sucked into the tale. That cliffhanger ending made me giggle with anticipation.

Love the cover art by Bianchi!

The Bad

If your still waiting fro a logical explanation as to why T’challa is here….don’t bother to pick this up because you won’t get one.

If you don’t like Noir…stay away

If you don’t like the art….the story wont make things any better.

The Ugly

3/5 solid


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