Erik Killmonger (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:  Don McGregor and Rich Buckler

1st appearance: Jungle Action #6, 1973

Real name: N’Jadaka, legally changed to Erik Killmonger

Alias: Erik Killmonger, Black Panther

Nationality: Wakanda

Team Affiliations: Black Panther Cult and the Death Regiment

Legal Status: Wanted criminal in Wakanda

Weight: 225 lbs    Height: 6’6

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: All deceased.

Skills and abilities: Killmonger holds a PH.D in engineering and is a world class fighter comparable to T’challa/Black Panther and Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Powers: Thanks to the resurrection altar he has been granted enhanced physical strength resistance to injury and endurance.

His studded costume and belt can also inject poisons into his opponents while in battle. His wristbands contain energy blasters and communication devices with LCD display.



N’Jadaka was a child in the lower class of wakanda when Ulysses Klaw attacked and enslaved his people in a bid to overthrow the ruling king T’chaka. Even though Klaw was defeated his parents were killed and he was taken as Klaw’s slave. He later escaped and found refuge in America. He changed his name to Erik Killmonger, lived in Harlem, New York and studied engineering and business, eventually teaching at MIT (Massachusetts institute of Technology). While T’challa was in the USA for college Killmonger found him and had him returned to Wakanda. While there he revealed a deep seated hatred for the Wakandan royal line which he blamed for his life. Using the resurrection altar he granted his followers; Malice, Baron Macare, Salamander K’ruel, Sombre, King Cadaver;  incredible powers. After T’challa defeated all his followers they had a titanic showdown atop warrior falls where he had the upper hand until Kantu, a young boy whose father had been killed by his forces shoved him off and he fell to his death. His lover Madame Slay found his lifeless body and buried him.


He would be unsuccessfully resurrected by the Mandarin and Klaw before finally returning to the land of the living thanks to the remaining members of the death regiment. Alive again he planed to collapse the Wakandan economy to usher in a new age. He also empowered a new Malice to battle T’challa. TT’challa called his bluff, nearly collapsing the world economy.  They fought again where he beat T’challa in a close fight. He was then given the rank and title of Black Panther and even tried to gain avengers membership. To complete his transformation into the Black Panther he ingested the heart shaped heart which was toxic to any but the royal blood line of Wakanda.

He fell into a coma soon after. When he awoke he again tried to get the leadership of Wakanda and found Kevin “Kasper” Cole who he granted a synthesized version of the heart shaped herb, Cole remained loyal to T’challa however and his plans were foiled. Killmonger next allied with one of the super Monkeys who gave him technology able to rival that of T’challa. He used these new devices to secure the nation of Niganda by rousing there need for financial and technological advancement and hate of the wakandans. He captured both T’challa’s sister Shuri and Photon to ensure a conflict. When T’challa arrived they engaged again in battle with Killmonger having the upper hand. About to strike the fatal blow he was killed by an enraged and newly released Photon. His death inspired the youth of Niganda and his remaining army to join forces with his death regiment and vow death to T’challa and the Wakandans.


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