Storm vol.2 #4 Review

Knowing that their very survival may hinge on Ororo’s ability to harness her newfound powers, T’Challa and Ororo travel deeper into the jungle, just a step ahead of the mercenaries that are hot on their trail. There, the sparks between the two teenagers finally ignite into fire, and their relationship takes on a whole new meaning


It’s been two days since T’challa came to the small orphan village run by Teacher. In that time Ororo has fallen in love with him and him with her. With Teacher’s blessing they have left the orphanage to spend time alone.  In the village his daughter confronts him about loving Ororo more than her and his reverence for T’challa. She regrets saving Ororo in issue #2. At a lake T’challa and Storm share their first kiss.

Bull and his men rampage through the orphans n search of Storm, the daughter decides to help them to save her friends and father. They still kill the orphans and take the aboard a helicopter. Teacher is thrown out by bull when he realizes he’s Wakandan. They close in on our duo. Passion takes T’challa and Storm into each others most personal embrace.


The Good

Cover- Good god what a sexy cover! I get chills just staring at the perfection of T’challa and Storm staring into each others eyes as the weather rages around them. Now that is a very sexy and very seductive cover right there. It captures love in all its intricacies perfectly!

Action- Things ramp up significantly this issue as Bull and his brother go on an all out rampage through the orphans. Killing teacher, capturing his daughter, decimating the orphanage all in search of the blessed “wind rider”.

Story- This Issue also cements T’challa’s place as more than love interest to this tale as the superhuman Bull has reason to hate T’challa via his deceased father T’chaka who is bitterly hated by this enclosing threat. T’challa and Storm may be in love but the harsh reality of their lives are about to come home, big time!

Love- Every page accompanied by Storm and T’challa had me enthralled. Call me a fanboy, hate me all you want but Eric Jerome Dickey paints a tapestry of love second to none. While other comic book relationships happen over many years this portrayal of Storm and T’challa as destined lovers/soul mates has me all tingly and giddy like a school girl.

Art- This is where a picture is worth a thousand words. The passionate kiss that T’challa and Storm share has a tangible feel to it as the air rushes through her hair. It’s a powerful image that captures what the entire issue is about. This unmistakable connection between two people who will impact black society both in comics and globally is a force all to itself. Hats off to David Yardin for absolutely stellar work!

Symbolism- I may be grasping at straws by the scene with Ororo and T’challa disrobing the forest made me think of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They are in fact mainstream comics Adam and Eve the first male black superhero and the first female black superhero. I frickin Love it!


The Bad

Retcon haters stay away

If you hate Storm and T’challa as a couple this book will not make you feel otherwise.

The villains are one dimensional and easily forgettable.


The Ugly

I’ve heard so many complaints but I love every single panel and the complicated story that unfolds! 4/5

stars- 4 very good



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