Shuri-Black Panther

Shuri- The deadliest of the species

Created by:  Reggie Hudlin and John Romita Jr.

1st appearance: Black Panther #2, 2005

Aliases: Princess-Regent Shuri, Princess Shuri, Princess-Regent, Female Black Panther, Deadliest of the Species

Nationality: Wakandan

Team Affiliations: none

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as the princess regent of Wakanda

Height: 5’9                  Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Brown    Hair color: black

Relatives: Bashenga (Ancestor), Chanda (Ancestor), Azzari the Wise (Grand Father),  S’yan (Uncle),  Ramonda (mother), T’Challa (1/2 brother), White Wolf (adopted brother), Jakara  (Cousin, deceased)  Storm (Ex-Sister in law ), T’shan (Cousin).

Alternate reality Family: T’chana, Panther/T’chaka and Azari (Nephews),  Sh’ri, Sky Panther (Nieces)

Skills and abilities: Skilled martial artist trained from birth.

Powers: All her physical attributes have been enhanced beyond peak human by the  heart shaped herb and she has a mystical connection to Bast The Panther God.


Shuri is the second biological child of Black Panther T’chaka and the one child of wife Ramonda. From an early age Shuri has taken a keen interest in the mantle of the Black Panther despite being the youngest child  and not being expected to ever sit on the throne. She trained feverishly especially after her father was assassinated by Klaw. She continued training with the only goal to become the black Panther. As her uncle S’yan ruled she waited for her time to challenge him for the mantle despite her mother’s objections of her rising to the rank of Black Panther. Her relationship with stepbrother Hunter and the Hatut Zeraze is also unknown. On the day of ascension she skillfully made her way close to the ring but was pinned down and thus unable to compete allowing her brother T’challa to ascend to Black Panther. It’s suggested that around this time she became a wild child like Lindsey Lohan/Britney Spears before returning home during a failed invasion by Klaw this was where she killed the radioactive man while trapped in the Vibrainum mound. Shaken by this first kill she was further trained by her brother and the Dora Milaje.

When later captured by by Eric Killmonger she displays her killer instinct by defeating her captors before Zuri rescues her. During the skrull invasion she fights on the front lines. When her brother is mortally wounded by Dr. Doom she finally ascends to the rank of Black Panther though her jealousy and arrogance prevent Bast from initially blessing her. However after defeating Morlun the devourer Bast accepts her as the new Black Panther. During Doomwar she and T’challa stage a daring plan which draws all there foes out into the open  and thus can be dealt with. During the battle she experiences blood lust while leading the Dora Milaje in battle. At the end of the ordeal her nation is left with its vibrainium reserves depleted, her uncle S’yan dead and T’challa disappears for some soul searching while Storm returns to the x-men. Shuri is left in charge of the new wakanda as princess regent.

In the Klaws of the Panther storyline; In a bid to stabilize there economy Shuri tries to secure savage land Vibranium but runs into Klaw who tries to conquer the world. With the help of Spider-man, Wolverine and Black Widow she defeats him and conquers her blood lust. She has since returned to ruling Wakanda.

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