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Its safe to say The New Ultimates by Al Ewing has become one of the most popular of marvel’s announced books set to debut after Secret Wars. It resonated with fans and got us excited at the endless possibilities before us. Now comicsalliance tracked down Al Ewing and got a few more details on the series, the characters we care about what we can expect:


What’s the mission statement of this new Ultimates, and what’s their relationship to the Avengers?

Al Ewing: The Ultimates are a team put together to find and fix omniversal problems likely to affect the safety of Earth and the larger universe. A cosmic team for cosmic threats. “The impossible is where they start.” Although, actually, they’ll be starting with the most well-known cosmic threat of all — Galactus.

As for how they fit in with the Avengers — they’re not strictly speaking part of the Avengers, but they are an official team, operating with the approval and subsidies of at least two world governments — the US and Wakanda — and fairly closely affiliated with Carol’s new organization. They’ve got the support they need to do the jobs they have to — I haven’t considered the possibility of ‘Ultimates cards’ to get them into places yet, but why not?

And we get details on why our favorite characters made the cut for this team:

Blue Marvel? Obviously a favorite of yours.ultimates blue marvel

AE: It’s true that I’m a huge fan of Adam, and I’m glad of the chance to put a little more focus on him and chronicle his adventures for a little longer. [Editor] Tom [Brevoort]‘s a fan of his too, I think — certainly, when we were kicking around ideas for the roster, he was part of it from the start.

Adam’s the same character he was in Mighty Avengers, although he’s got a new costume and he’s leaning a little more into super-scientist mode. He’s still one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, and this is going to be a book where he’ll finally get to cut loose on the page. He can’t be distracted by a larger threat the way he was in Mighty Avengers — these are the largest threats.

ultimates spectrumCA: Monica Rambeau?

AE: Again, I’m a big fan of Monica and I wasn’t quite done with her — I feel like now that she’s reinvigorated and repowered and she’s kind of conquered her demons a little, we can really tell some fun stories about one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. This is going to be a good venue for really pushing what she can do — how her powers operate, what they mean in terms of her humanity. Plus we get to see her interact with Carol Danvers, which is always fun.

CA: Black Panther!ultimates black panther

AE: … Black Panther. The most politically powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, I’d say. The reigning king of one of Marvel-Earth’s major technological powers — I don’t think calling Wakanda a superpower is any kind of stretch. The Ultimates is as much a Wakandan enterprise as it is an American one — it’s very in tune with that idea of having a plan in your desk drawer for when Galactus drops by.

Wakanda’s always been very cagey about exporting Vibranium and its technological breakthroughs, and with good reason, but I feel like they’d be more willing to collaborate with other nations on matters of defending Earth against extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional threats — that’s a case where everyone benefits. Nobody wants Earth to blow up. (Again.)

ultimates chavezIt’s going to be a lot of fun putting T’Challa and Adam in the same room.

CA: America Chavez? As she’s a queer woman of color, I think she’s incredibly important, so I’m very glad to see her back on a title.

AE: It was Kieron [Gillen] and Marguerite [Bennett] who brought her up when I was chatting to them about cosmic kickers of all the ass, so you can thank them. America’s a fun addition to the team, in that she’s been doing everything they’ve been doing in terms of keeping inter-dimensional crap from hitting fans for quite a while now, so she’s not seeing this as a brave new venture so much — she’s seeing a bunch of amateurs taking their first steps into a world she knows back to front. And there may come a point where she has to shut them all down.

Fans should also remember that Blue Marvel has a more idealistic view of how to deal with problems and this lead to tension between himself and Black Panther after the Illuminati’s secrets were revealed to the Mighty Avengers. As for what threats could possibly take on the Most Dangerous Man in the world, a sun goddess and a living antimatter reactor:

ultimates GalactusCA: A team like this is going to have to face some monumental threats. Can you drop any hints about the sort of craziness you’ll be asking Kenneth to draw?

AE: Well, we start off with a Galactus two-parter that’ll probably go further than people are expecting. I mean it — you might think you know what’s going to happen, but unless you’re a very good guesser, you don’t.

Following that, we have a trek to the outside of the Omniverse, a journey into the dreams of the Dreaming Celestial, and the return of one of the oldest and strangest creatures in the Marvel Universe. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Ultimates #1 by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort goes on sale in October.

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[Source: Comics Alliance]


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    I am thinking this is the one
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    This should be a great book with great art to go along with some of the most awsome characters that Marvel has to offer!!

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    I am looking forward to reading about these characters. I hope the writing lives up to my expectations. I really want this book to be a hit!

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    I ma not happy about the direction Marvel is going in but I am happy about The New Ultimates and Infinity Gauntlet. Still out about the new All New Cap book, but we shall see.


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